Determined to create clothes you want to wear, John Lewis has a hot new designer

Coat, £200, and boots, £159, Johnlewis.  com

Most women have experienced that crushing disappointment when a pair of fabulous boots can’t be buckled over the calf or the sleeves of a delicious winter coat can’t slip over a sweater without cutting off circulation in the arms. It’s not just about fashion brands thinking about designing beyond size 14. It’s not even that … Read more

The Queen’s cousin, Sir Simon Bowes-Lyon, gives a glimpse into his private photo album

The Queen's cousin shared a glimpse of Her Majesty's childhood with her family as he shared photos of the monarch as a child from his private photo album

A glimpse into Her Majesty’s childhood! The Queen’s cousin Sir Simon Bowes-Lyon shares snaps of a young monarch playing in his garden and posing with Princess Margaret, from a private album The Queen’s cousin Sir Simon Bowes-Lyon has shared a glimpse of the photo album Her Majesty was related to the family through her mother, … Read more

Historic home in Northcote, Melbourne has been renovated to be chic and contemporary

Behind the Edwardian facade of this historic house lies a delightfully modern extension designed by its star architect owner

An Edwardian home in the heart of the suburbs of a major Australian city hides an ultra-chic renovation designed by its star architect owner. While the facade stays true to its early 1900s roots, the modern rear extension blends the old with the new, giving the home a cool, contemporary feel. Located just 20 minutes … Read more

Missing dog found down rabbit hole after 56 hours of disappearance

This is the touching moment when a dog was rescued from a rabbit hole in a neighbor's garden after being missing for days.

Paw Patrol! Touching moment: Missing dog is reunited with her owner after being stuck down the rabbit hole in her neighbor’s garden for 56 hours The dog was rescued from a neighbor’s rabbit hole after being missing for three days Pooch Flossie disappeared from her home in Crediton, Devon on Monday She was found down … Read more

Tiny Hearts Education shows how to check which foods pose a choking risk for babies and toddlers

Australian parent organization Tiny Hearts Education has shared a simple trick for parents to test if a food is safe for their toddler to reduce the risk of choking

An Australian parent education group has shared a quick and easy test for parents to determine if a food poses a choking risk to their baby or toddler. Tiny Hearts Education, run by former Australian paramedic and mother-of-two Nikki Jurcutz, said in a post on the group’s Facebook page the simple “squish test” is a … Read more

This 24 question tricky general knowledge quiz will test you on history, culture and geography

Do you know enough about a variety of topics to take home a top score on this trivia quiz from Quizly?  picture in stock

The tricky 24-question general knowledge quiz will test you in history, culture and geography – so, do YOU ​​have what it takes to get the full score? The US trivia website Quizly has introduced a new general knowledge quiz Do you know a wide enough range of topics to get a perfect score? You need … Read more

Epic travel hotspot: Tourists flock to South Australia’s Talia Rock Pools for their crystal clear waters

Travelers flock to Talia Beach - an epically expansive shoreline with a series of natural turquoise clear rock pools

The Perfect Getaway: Adventurous Australians race to explore these spectacular natural rock pools of crystal clear water Talia Beach Pools is emerging as the next travel hotspot for adventure seekers A series of natural rock pools lie along the shoreline of Talia Beach in South Australia Talia Beach is near Ellison Town at the eastern … Read more

How to dress like a grown-up with Shane Watson: Be fashion-forward in an elegant springtime knit

Kendall Jenner (pictured) in a knit crop top in New York.  Shane Watson says she recommends the sleeveless sweater or tank top

For those of us who are into fashion but not the silly stuff — you won’t be reading about that tiny bag that’s too small to fit a phone in here — there are certain fashion terms that arouse suspicion. A sleeveless coat is one. Carrot-shaped pants, another one that’s popping up a lot these … Read more