Mystic Meg reveals what the stars have in store for family, friends and fitness in 2023

FAMILY RIFTS and broken friendships can be difficult to heal – but will the planets align to bring about reconciliation?

Or maybe 2023 is the year when you put your own health and well-being first and finally get on with that fitness rush you’ve been putting off.


Mystic Meg reveals what the stars have in store for friends, family and fitness this year

Here’s what the stars have in store for friends, family and fitness this year.

ARIES March 21 to April 20

FAMILY: Mars makes you bolder as you propose radical changes in the family in April and May.

In the summer, an eternal address appears in a short video clip.

“G” relatives have great news for fall.

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FRIENDS: For the first three months, stable Saturn will help you reconnect with old friends and let them know you care.

Old rivals – even foes – can close in as Pluto messes up your chart.

FITNESS: Incorporating exercise into your daily routine will save you time and money, so take up the challenge.

Health-care charities are getting the summer going – and changing your diet is making a big difference.

Taurus April 21 to May 21

FAMILY: Swapping things, from roles to houses, takes relatives to a new level.

By May you will be ready to let go of the past.

A summer festival can span three generations, and unusual wedding bells ring in October.

FRIENDS: Neptune and Saturn make two very different sets of friends for you, and balancing them can make you richer.

Hard-to-spell names and unconventional fashion ideas bring in new partners.

FITNESS: You have a strong Pluto energy in 2023 and this attracts you to minority sports and activities.

Your name could be on a trophy by September.

TWINS May 22nd to June 21st

FAMILY: Mercury begins the year unveiling mysteries without guilt or shame.

From July to October there is a lot of talking, making contacts and making compromises – all ready for Christmas decisions.

FRIENDS: You have the cheerful generosity of Jupiter that influences friendships and this can connect you with a big local winner.

At the end of September, long-term loyalty can be put to the test – and triumph.

FITNESS: You’re ready to align your body and mind in 2023, so find a lifestyle that will keep your energy levels lasting.

Swimming, sailing or just strolling along the flowing water can be relaxing all year round.

CANCER June 22 to July 22

FAMILY: Mars causes mischief in the family, and by August you’ll find out why.

An unusual event plays a role.

The full moon in early April illuminates a major emotional decision – designing a dream home.

FRIENDS: Pluto draws you to outsiders, loners, and people who may not be easy to connect with, but it rewards all effort.

By June you’ll have cleared out your contact list and left behind the names you really need.

FITNESS: You are willing to be more selfish and take the time you need to get stronger, no matter what objections may come.

By November, show off a new look and step into a new life.

LEO July 23 to August 23

FAMILY: A willingness to compromise will help you meet the challenges of the beginning of the year, and pride is easier to shed than you expect.

Your oldest female and youngest male relatives can be your lucky charms.

FRIENDS: Traveling together brings friends closer, and you’ll meet new lifelong friends at a bus stop or train station platform.

Wearing the same outfit as someone in the summer is a strong friendship sign.

FITNESS: Well-being increases throughout the year.

Jupiter increases your physical drive while Saturn builds willpower and sets a makeover path through March.

As of mid-June, Pluto fuels confidence.

VIRGO August 24th to September 22nd

FAMILY: You are a real team player and expect others to join in.

If they refuse, it may be time to rethink. Choose May for moving plans, July for creating together, and late November for a new social schedule.

FRIENDS: You are loyal as Saturn strengthens your cooperation zone, so don’t give up on difficult friends.

August is a month full of surprises and October brings a shared win.

FITNESS: Varying times to exercise or eat can keep you busy as Pluto prevails.

Whatever you do to get healthier in 2023, it has to be different — adding a new food per meal is a menu pick-me-up.

LIBRA Sept 23 to Oct 23

FAMILY: The seriousness of family life gets a fun injection in both spring and autumn, which can lead to relatives appearing together.

“M” names and a recent family vacation combine happiness.

FRIENDS: In April/May you are ready to make concessions – but from July to October Mercury imposes stricter rules on your time and patience.

Your friend with the most pets can be your happiest link.

FITNESS: Through March, you have Saturn’s support to keep you on a slow and steady health path, so don’t be tempted to rush changes or decisions.

Neptune connects mind and body in an inspiring way.

SCORPIO October 24th to November 22nd

FAMILY: Get your documents done and dusted off in January and February because the rest of 2023 is made for family-centric fun.

Split tickets and applications can spark a stream of happiness, and an American address matters.

FRIENDS: With Uranus in your collaborative sector through 2023, you’re a friend to millions – and finding unique ways to show it.

The more old friends try to push you away, the closer you should stay.

FITNESS: Choose up-tempo music to get you moving while party planet Jupiter dives into your health sector.

Activities against the clock and changes in diet with a time factor suit you best.

FAMILY: You may feel like there’s too much talk in early 2023, but by March through June you’re ready to see ambitious plans through to the end.

Teaching each other skills is a strong family asset.

FRIENDS: You’re a social chameleon throughout 2023 and easily slip into any party, but a local charity character may be the real friend you’ve been waiting for.

Even a former boss or teacher turns out to be loyal.

FITNESS: Jupiter fosters a strong health sector, while an open mind helps create a radiant body.

Great changes can happen when you really commit – and even lifelong habits can be broken.

FAMILY: Two fresh family starts follow one another in spring, and you enter summer streamlined and ready to succeed together.

Respond to a contact message at the end of August.

FRIENDS: Stop trying to change yourself to conform to what you think friends want or like, and you will feel your inner discomfort go away.

“J” names, unusual drinks, and heavy accents can be mate markers.

FITNESS: With mighty Mars powering your fitness space from the start, outdoor pursuits like hiking and swimming mix fresh air and the kind of challenges you love.

This can also be your year to go vegetarian.

AQUARIUS January 21 to February 18

FAMILY: With sponsor planet Jupiter in your family zone for most of the year, you can be a leader in love and a shining light of positivity and hope.

Dust off and share individual dreams – because others feel the same way.

FRIENDS: Mercury’s friendships in 2023 begin or strengthen around shared interests—from reading the same books to driving the same car.

Adjacent sun loungers can be a hot spot in summer.

FITNESS: Forget the gym and do regular free online workouts at home through May—then you’ll be ready to step up and step out.

You have a lot of willpower this year, but avoid people who weaken it.

PISCES February 19 to March 20

FAMILY: Neptune’s influence has kept you quiet when you knew you should speak – until now.

Start the year with a hearty family chat and end it with sparkling new rules of cash and responsibility.

FRIENDS: The less likely the introduction, the closer friends you can become as Pluto brings opposites closer.

Silence can mean many things – so check in with old pals, especially in the fall.

FITNESS: Guided by Venus, it’s important to find exercises you love – perhaps with a musical element.

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Keeping a food journal can highlight simple diet corrections.

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