Soundstorm 2022’s festival Wear Bani Beast revisits traditional Saudi fashion as Bruno Mars and DJ Khaled wow the crowd

So if you’re currently in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and interested in music, you know that the MDLBeast Soundstorm music festival is happening, and chances are Bruno Mars, DJ Khaled and European DJs from Hardwell to David Guetta will be there Radar. Over 750,000+ people are expected to attend the entire festival and it has brought much needed relief after the past two years.

But, what you might not realize, festival fashion is a big part of MDLBeast Soundstorm with the Bani Beast clothing line. The line spans streetwear and loungewear styles because some of us are asking: what’s the right music festival attire?

The eco-conscious label puts a Bedouin twist on functional outerwear, but is firmly rooted in desert traditions and nomadic life. The t-shirts, hoodies, outerwear and accessories are made from eco-conscious textiles.

Young people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) enjoy mixing and modernizing traditional clothing. Farwas are traditional Saudi Arabian coats that are also found throughout the Gulf region. Featuring contemporary designs, they are oversized and essential for the winter months. At the festival, attendees wear Minimal Farwa ($359), Functional Farwa ($409), and Modular Farwa ($474). Bani Beast notes, “From our heritage, we incorporate modern minimalism, modularity and fabrics,” and this inspires traditional silhouettes and prints.

Hoodies are another festival staple. The Night Beast Hoodie in black retails for $106 and is a nod to the nocturnal side of the festival. Scarves are a big part of Saudi life and the tribal royal blue on Citadel Blue or Citadel Blue on Green tribal scarves are $44. Beanies and baseball caps are part of the accessories collection.

The party

With over two hundred local and international artists, Soundstorm is no small feat. It’s known as the Coachella of the Middle East, from the music acts to the street art scene surrounding the festival site to the food. In recent years, the festival has taken a backseat to people being harassed, but organizers have taken a more determined stance to educate, prevent, and support resources to prevent it.

Runs from December 1st to 3rdapprox on the desert edge of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Soundstorm. The first night Myriam Fares sang Post Malone- as did some of his top hits rock star, sunflowerand Better now- and Hardwell entered the Big Beast stage while Emerald and Butch appeared on the UG 3 stage.

“I think the music scene in Saudi Arabia can become very, very big. It’s the fastest growing market on Spotify and a lot of people here are under the age of 35, so I think dance music is going to play a very big part in that growth. Having festivals like Soundstorm helps a lot and I think we’re at the beginning of a really big revolution here when it comes to dance music,” Hardwell commented in notes.

Last night Egyptian legend Amr Diab, Luciano, DJ Khaled and friends (Future, Rick Ross, TI, Busta Rhymes and Fat Joe) and Peggy Gou all took to the Big Beast Stage. While Afrojack, Adam Beyer and Cosmicat took to other stages.

“Opening night set the stage for our flagship event to shine again, captivate audiences, inspire new artists while demonstrating the limitless appeal, power and potential of music,” continues Hardwell.

Tonight Bruno Mars performed on the Big Beast stage singing hits like That’s what I like and 24K Magic. David Guetta, who is nominated for a Grammy with Bebe Rexha, also took the stage after Bruno Mars.

“For MDLBeast, the behind-the-scenes preparations began the moment our 2021 edition wrapped, and we are thrilled with the incredible atmosphere and participation on Thursday night,” noted Ramadan Alharatani, CEO of the event. “Soundstorm is the embodiment of a vision to bring together global stars, local talent and music lovers for a unique regional extravaganza in Saudi Arabia.”

One-day passes start at $39 while three-day passes are $90; and the VIB package includes free food and beverages, VIB lounge and VIB viewing zone is $1,783.

It is clear that KSA is carving its place at the music industry table and making its mark on the international music scene by saying that we have a place here too and we can do what other international markets do in terms of festivals. They clearly have the numbers, attracting both regional and international festival-goers. Maybe not as much as Coachella, but the projected 100,000 isn’t bad at all. From the Bani Beast Festival Wear Shop to the glitter salon to the countless food stalls, lounges and pop-ups, the commitment shows that the Saudis are doing something right when it comes to arts and culture.


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