Dangerous Food for Dogs 2022: Here are 10 foods most dog owners don’t know are toxic to their adorable pets – including avocado 🐶

Studies show that many people unwittingly feed their four-legged friends snacks that could cause serious harm to their dogs. Do you know what to look for?

Chocolate was the “best known” toxic food, but a worrying 38 percent still didn’t know it could be harmful to their pets.

The study was conducted by dog-friendly vacation rental company Canine Cottages, which also surveyed pet owners across the country to find out which foods they did and didn’t realize were causing harm to their pooches, and how many accidentally fed their furry friends something harmful.

Nearly three in 10 pet owners (29 percent) admit to feeding their dogs something toxic, with apple seeds being the most common food they didn’t know could cause harm.

According to the study, nearly eight in ten (76 percent) of pet owners were unaware that apple seeds contain cyanide, a chemical that can cause hypoxia — a lack of oxygen delivery to the body.

And three quarters (75 per cent) of Britons were unaware that artificial sweeteners can be harmful – even small amounts of xylitol can cause potentially dangerous hypoglycaemia.

dr Charley Webb, veterinarian and nutritionist at VetChef.com offered advice for those who suspect their pet has eaten something dangerous, saying: “Keep calm and try not to panic. It’s always best to call the vet for advice right away, even if it’s the middle of the night or at the weekend.

“Most pets make a full recovery if treated quickly so it’s important to let your vet know as soon as you know it has happened as this can prevent them from doing serious harm, and in some cases yours.” could save lives.”

Here are the 10 foods many owners don’t know are toxic to dogs.

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