The most glamorous pictures of the winter after the model debut

After losing 100 pounds, The Family Chantel’s Winter Everett has become a model for a fashion brand. She shows off her new figure in glamorous outfits.

Winter Everett off The family choir has become a model for a clothing brand and her glamorous model photos prove she is a natural. The Atlanta native is best known for being a supporting actor on the series 90 day fiance Spinoff series in which she appears alongside her sister Chantel. Winter has garnered attention over the past year by completely transforming her body through weight loss and transforming her fashion sense.

Winter started her fitness journey in 2020 with exercise and healthy eating. At the time, she weighed over 300 pounds and was in a toxic relationship with longtime boyfriend Jah. However, Winter soon decided to dump him and began to focus on himself. She initiated her weight loss by undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, which reduced her stomach capacity. After losing weight, the TLC star took up exercising and shared her fitness updates on social media. Winter has lost over 100 pounds in two years and has now become a body positive influencer on Instagram.


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Winter Everett shows off her toned figure in a party dress

Family Chantel star Winter Everett wears a short blue dress against a white background

Winter recently became a model for a beauty brand. Some of her new photos on her website show that she has a flair for looking stunning in different types of outfits. A picture on L’Pria shows her swinging “Satin Sequin Color Block Party Dress”, a beautiful royal blue one piece that hugs her body gracefully. In the photo, Winter poses with one hand behind her head, emphasizing her newly transformed look.

Winter Everett rocks a gray sweater

Family Chantel star Winter Everett wears a gray sweater and short tan boots in model pictures

In another picture, Winter is wearing one “Off the shoulder loosely woven sweater” as a dress. In the photos is the 90 day fiance Franchise Graduate Shows Off Her Defined Collarbones In Strapless Dress. The pictures not only showcase Winter’s modeling skills, but also show the results of the hard work she’s put in at the gym over the past year.

Winter Everett looks gorgeous in a glamorous red dress

Family Chantel star Winter Everett wears a red one-shoulder dress and poses in front of a shelf

Most of Winter’s social media posts show that she looks great in athleisure outfits. Your model shots for “Asymmetric Oversized One Shoulder Satin Dress” prove that she can also wear glamorous party outfits. That 90 day fiance Franchise graduate wears a red dress that covers one of her shoulders and highlights the other. She poses with one hand to the side while holding her waist and showing off her long toned legs. Winter may not be a professional model, but The family choir Fans think she looks extremely confident in her modeling shots.

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Source: L’Pria

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