Take a peek inside the brand new, state-of-the-art facility at CAPA College in Wakefield

CAPA College is renowned for being the only free CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) college of its kind in Yorkshire. Students from across the county flock to Wakefield to pursue their dream of becoming the next Hollywood star.

However, since 2018 the college has been temporarily renting accommodation, notably in the city’s famous Unity Hall, while it awaits the completion of its own multi-million pound facilities on the Mulberry Way.

Now the wait is finally over as the College of Performing Arts welcomes new students to its new flagship home in Westgate for the first time in September.

In September, CAPA College welcomed students to its new permanent home in Westgate.

The new building features a variety of exciting features including an amphitheatre, television studio and art house and was built by local construction company Morgan Sindall Construction.

The introduction of these new facilities has also enabled CAPA College to double its student enrollment, with a goal of 500 students forming two grades by September 2023.

Eddie Copp, Artistic Director of CAPA College said: “We have spent a great deal of time thinking, researching and planning how this building should look like and we are excited to now share it with our students and the wider community be able.

“The opening of the new building marks the next major stage in the development of CAPA College. Equipped with incredible facilities, an award-winning team of world-class professional teachers and practitioners, and partnerships with some of the country’s leading arts organisations, we strive to offer more: more opportunities, more facilities and more support for talented young people from across the north of England. “

CAPA College is the only free specialist creative and performing arts college in Yorkshire.

Claire Nicholson, Principal of CAPA College said: “’We are so excited about the new building.

“With a range of performance spaces ranging from a 150-seat traditional theatre, to a studio theater and amphitheatre, to a television studio, art house cinema and public cafe, this is a building that our students, staff, alumni, visitors and… Participants can be proud of.”

The college hopes to hold an official opening ceremony for the building early next year.

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The college offers full-time art education and training for students aged 16-19.
The new building has a variety of new facilities, including an amphitheater and a television studio.
The introduction of these new facilities has enabled CAPA College to double its student enrollment.

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