Travel nightmare as couple with baby refuse to give up aisle seat – ‘stuck between them!’ Travel News | Travel

Twitter user and traveler @SJNeve explained: “I’ve just boarded a flight and am sitting with a couple and their baby but the husband refused to give up his aisle seat so now I’m just… in the middle of them?” “

He continued: “He plugged in his headphones, ate a whole pack of Haribo and didn’t speak to her for the entire two-hour flight.

“Very busy, full flight unfortunately. Only a few hours so nothing happening – just a bit strange!”

Another traveller, @ColumboIrish, responded, saying: “Perhaps it was a form of protest – blaming the airline for allowing this to happen.

“It was the airline that kept them separate – why would they each pay for reserved seats? They should of course be kept together. Once assigned, you must take off and land in your own seat.”

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Another, @jfoster2019, said: “Obviously I was hoping the middle seat wouldn’t sell so I could stretch out with the baby… pretty bad show from him to be honest!

Other social media users took to the comments section to share their own experiences.

One traveler, @NeilJensen87, shared: “Yeah, I had that too. Dad needed the aisle seat due to his fear of flying and sometimes had to pace during the flight and would also take temazepam.

“But for me … it was a window seat or I stay at home. Sorry that earlier middle seaters are affected…”


Another, @DWoodersonLIVIN, shared: “I’ve had this a few times with being stuck between couples.

“Always wonder if they’re doing it because they’re hoping the middle seat won’t sell?

“Was asked to wake up someone’s partner to ask for food and then got stuck in the middle of an argument over who should pay!”

@LewisSteele_ said: “This happened to me on an 11 hour flight. A nice flight attendant took me to business class for free, where I sat next to someone who had a severe flight phobia.

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“She grabbed my arm very tightly when we took off and cried for the first two hours of the flight.”

Passenger @@CEO_UKTwinds suggested: “You should have spoken to the flight attendant. Personally, I’m in favor of doing some adult-only flights.”

Another, @blmbaz, disagreed, saying: “Even before I became a parent I had the emotional maturity to deal with the discomfort of a crying child. People seriously need to grow up.”

@glencoe1975 shared his story: “My wife and I were on a half-empty 12 hour overnight flight.

“A tall man who sat in our row would not move to an aisle seat, although there were plenty of other seats to stretch out.

“I told him I have to keep waking him up to go to the bathroom.

If a similar situation occurs on board an aircraft, passengers are advised to ask the flight attendant to change seats.

On most flights there is always a row of empty seats due to no-shows or people who did not make it to the aircraft due to a missed connection.

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