Futureproofing the Food System begins Tuesday, November 15th! Have you already registered?

In our FREE digital summit Safeguarding the future of the food system​​Starting tomorrow, November 15, moderated by Elaine Watson and Liz Crawford, we will explore three topics over three days in a combination of fireside chats and panel discussions interested persons​​Across the entire supply chain, from producer (or bioreactor) to consumer…

  • November 15: Focus on food tech​ (Precision Fermentation; Meat 2.0; Dairy 2.0)
  • November 16: Food as medicine(Western Diet Upgrade; Emerging Functional Ingredients)
  • November 17: The Circular Economy​ (climate friendly strategies, packaging, food waste, upcycling)

We know that not everyone can afford to attend a virtual event all day, so we’ve broken each day into two small sessions of around 90 minutes so that you can to register​​for the whole thing, or choose the sessions that interest you the most.

Tuesday, November 15:

11:00 a.m.-12:45 p.m. CT FOCUS ON FOOD TECHNOLOGY: ​Sustainable sourcing of colors, flavors and sweeteners; and envision a future for dairy…without cows

PANEL: Biosynthesis: Fermentation and the Future of Flavors, Colors and Sweeteners Does it always make sense to extract flavors, colors, sweeteners, and other food ingredients from plants when you can produce them more efficiently—and more sustainably—through microbial fermentation, “cell-free” approaches, or plant cell culture?

  • dr Joshua Briton, Founder and CEODebut biotech
  • Nusqe Spanton, Founder and CEOProvectus algae
  • dr david welch, CSO and co-foundersynthesis capital
  • Ricky Cassini, CEO and co-founderMichroma
  • dr erin marasco, world leader in biologycargill
  • PRESENTER: Elaine Watsoneditor-in-chief, FoodNavigator-USA


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