Liz Truss’ diva travel wishes delight Twitter

Liz Truss could have earned the title “Mariah Carey of Politics” after it was revealed she sends a list of superstar-style demands while traveling.

The short-lived Prime Minister is the subject of a new biography Out of the Blue: The Inside Story of Liz Truss’s Unexpected Rise and Rapid Fallwhich throws some eyebrow-raising insights into the workings of the Tory MP.

Among the book’s claims is that by the time the Conservative heavyweight was appointed Foreign Secretary by then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson in September 2021, the Conservative heavyweight had “become very specific about what was expected of officials on a foreign trip”.

“Although she was not a formal ‘horseman’ in the style of a traveling rock star, orders were sent to embassies around the world detailing what to expect on a visit,” said co-authors Harry Cole and James Heale.

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According to the couple, these were as follows:

  • “Double espressos served in a flat white cup to go.
  • No big brand coffee, only independent producers, except Pret in the UK.
  • No pre-made or plastic-wrapped sandwiches – nothing that isn’t freshly made.
  • Bagels or sushi for lunch – absolutely no mayonnaise on anything, ever.
  • A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge of each overnight accommodation.

Former employee Kirsty Buchanan told the two journalists that Truss “drinks about 42,000 espressos a day or before when I worked for her.”

“She would sit there with a giant meatball sub or eat three croissants for breakfast. She would take on carbs,” Buchanan added. “Honestly, no woman in her 40s should be eating that much and getting away with it.”

Other former employees allegedly told Heale and Cole that after every reshuffle, an espresso machine was “hauled from department to department,” while another stressed that under no circumstances should fruit be served to Truss at breakfast.

This excerpt from the book, published in The Sunday TimesTaking to Twitter, she was met with both joy and horror, with a number of users joking that they sympathized with the ex-cabinet minister when it came to her stance on mayonnaise.

Still, it’s worth noting that Truss was pushed to the back benches to potentially tone down their pleas. Maybe a Gregg’s sausage roll for lunch and a can of Stellar in the fridge – what do you say, eh, Liz?

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