An Oxfordshire man discovers he has a brain tumor after being denied travel insurance

An Oxfordshire man discovered he had a brain tumor after being denied travel insurance following a routine paperwork check.

Nick Thomas, 50, lost vision in his left eye in 2012 and underwent a series of MRI scans.

He was diagnosed with a swollen optic nerve and, without further treatment, his vision returned six months later and Nick believed the problem was resolved.

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A year later, however, he was referred back to his advisor after being denied travel insurance following a routine paperwork review.

In 2013 he was diagnosed with an inoperable 2.5 cm mass in the brain.

Mr Thomas said: “I had a letter from the insurance assessors telling me they were unable to offer me insurance for my work trip and that I should speak to my adviser as they may have missed something on my scans.

“I had another scan at John Radcliffe (JR) Hospital in Oxford which confirmed I had a brain tumour.

“As soon as I saw the word tumor I panicked and was referred from ophthalmology to neurology.

“I felt calmer speaking to a doctor who said I am monitored with regular scans and each treatment is assessed based on each scan result.”

Mr. Thomas was diagnosed with low-grade meningioma – a slow-growing tumor that begins to grow in the brain or spinal cord.

After six weeks of radiotherapy, Mr Thomas is now being scanned every two years and is in the care of JR’s neurology consultant, Jane Halliday.

Since his diagnosis, Mr Thomas has undertaken various challenges to raise money for brain tumor research, including running the London Marathon.

He inspired Ms Halliday to take up this challenge as well.

On October 16th he will take part in his next fundraiser, running the Oxford Half Marathon.

Now, through their combined efforts, Ms Halliday and Mr Thomas have raised over £15,000 for brain tumor research.

Mr Thomas said: “Jane made me feel at ease straight away and took the time to talk to me.

“We talked about our hobbies and I told her I had completed the London Marathon for Brain Tumor Research.

“She was blown away by my performance, so much so that she was signed up half an hour later and running as part of the charity team on October 2nd.

Mel Tiley, Community Development Manager at Brain Tumor Research, said: “Nick is determined to live a fulfilling life after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

“He has generously invested his time stepping out of his comfort zone, raising thousands that will be used to fund vital research into the disease.”

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