UCSF is calling for proposals to foster a culture of well-being

To support the well-being of the UCSF community, the university is again offering grants for projects that promote various forms of well-being—whether emotional, physical, social, financial, professional, environmental, or spiritual.

Scholarships are open to faculty, staff and students from all UCSF campuses and affiliates who can apply for the funds September 19-30, 2022. The total amount of funding available for this program this fiscal year has increased to $100,000 and will be allocated to successful applicants across multiple projects.

Launched last year, this program is led by the UCSF Wellbeing Committee under the direction of Wellness and Community, a division of Campus Life Services. The UCSF Wellbeing Committee, made up of representatives from campus and UCSF Health, will review the proposals and base its decisions on the proposed impacts of the projects.

Applications will be evaluated based on the likely impacts in the following key areas:

• Connection to our pillars of well-being
• Creating a culture of wellbeing and promoting wellbeing at UCSF
• Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion at UCSF in a substantive and meaningful way

“Last year we received more than 300 applications and selected nine proposals for fellowships, including projects for the Black Healing Night for Residents & Fellows, the First-Generation Book Collective, and the See Us Portrait Project—to name a few,” says Kathleen Yumul, Wellness Program Manager, Wellness and Community, Campus Life Services. “We hope to build on this momentum and make further strides in fostering a culture of wellbeing across the university.”

Wellness and Community staff provide funding and basic project leadership, while grantees act as project leaders. Successful applicants will be notified by November 2022. Once selected, grantees will be asked for a more detailed proposal, budget and/or additional support materials before proceeding with the project. All wellness projects must be completed by June 30, 2023.

Given the dynamic situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, changes may be required at the time of project implementation, but applicants are encouraged not to let the current public health restrictions affect submission ideas.

To apply for this second round of Community Wellbeing Grants and to learn more about last year’s grantees, please visit the Wellness and Community website. Questions about the scholarships can be asked via email [email protected].

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