Morrisons turns off the checkout beeps as music and Tannoy scraps for the Queen

A silent tribute to the Queen by Morrison’s supermarkets has confused some shoppers.

The checkout tones at self-service checkouts have been turned off.

Announcements and music were also switched off in all branches.

Taking to Twitter, some shoppers said they found the still “pretty comfortable,” while others stressed the move was “absolutely insane.”

“Because if there was one thing the Queen hated from the bottom of her heart it was the beeps at the Morrisons tills,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another said: “Perhaps muted chimes would have been a good substitute.”

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Morrisons’s, whose stores in Carterton, Banbury and Wallingford are being closed for the Queen’s funeral, said: “Our till beeps are not turned off. They have just been turned down a little as our music and tannoy announcements have been turned off in stores.”

However, some buyers and employees felt the honor had gone too far.

Over the weekend, u/Willyamsss wrote on Reddit: “I stood in front of the others in the self-service queue for what felt like an eternity while everyone in front of me fought.

“I did what all Brits do and got patient impatient and wondered why everyone was struggling to scan. ‘How hard can that be’, I thought!

“It wasn’t until it was my turn and I realized they had turned off the beep! One of the assistants came over when I was inevitably messing up the machine, so I said, ‘I think people are having trouble because the beep is off.’” .

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The clerk replied, “Didn’t you know we are in a time of national mourning? We have turned off all beeps as a mark of respect!”

Another person who said they work at Morrison added: “I work at Morrisons and have had two shifts now in complete silence and we can’t even use the tannoy. It is ridiculous!”

Another user, puppet_life, wrote: “Same here, I was working earlier tonight and was aware they aren’t playing music at the moment but now that you mention it I haven’t heard the Tannoy used once either.”

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