McGriff focused on establishing a new culture in rebuilding Leon football

Tyrone McGriff is no stranger to Tallahassee. He attended Florida High, played football at FAMU, and returned to Southwood Post-College in various administrative and coaching roles.

When he accepted the position of head coach at Leon in mid-December, McGriff realized that the Leon County public school sports scene was very different from the one he was part of at Florida High. All five programs compete on the playing field for resources, players, and each other.

“Even though I went to Florida High, it’s not the same culture,” McGriff said. “At Florida High, we have what we have. In Leon County, everyone recruits everyone. It’s neither good nor bad. I just had to adapt to this culture.”

Leon has been one of those programs that has been strongest in the recruitment cycle at Big Bend, as players have historically left to play for other teams in the region. This instability has partially affected the result on the field, as Leon has not set a winning record for six years. As of 2016, the program has gone 8-37.


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