I’m a fashion pro – the bad habits that age you and ruin your look

THESE bad fashion habits ruin your look and make you look older than you are, according to a fashion pro.

YouTuber Angela Mashelle gives her viewers style tips. In a recent video, she shared eight bad fashion habits.


Avoid these fashion mistakes that could make you look olderCredit: YouTube/Angela Mashelle
Your expensive wardrobe won't do you any good if you don't know how to style it


Your expensive wardrobe won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to style itCredit: YouTube/Angela Mashelle

Fashion mistake number one – wearing too much of the same color.

Try picking just one or two pieces for a pop of color. This will add a pop of color to your outfit rather than going on with too much color.

“You want to be the center of attention, you don’t want your outfit to be the center of attention,” Angela advised in her video.

Also, avoid wearing cheap costume jewelry.

Instead, opt for dainty jewelry, which while still cheap, seems more expensive.

For a chic look, try mixing and matching your cheaper jewelry with your more expensive jewelry to upgrade your outfit.

Also remember, if you don’t take care of the basics, your look will be ruined no matter what you wear.

That means no buffing your nails or leaving old, chipped nail polish on your fingers.

Also, be sure to take care of your hair to keep it looking healthy.

“And it will make you feel more beautiful,” Angela said.

Your eyebrows should also be properly groomed, especially if you don’t wear a lot of makeup, as they frame your face and make your eyes pop.

Another tip is not to leave the thin, threaded belt loops on your clothes.

These types of belt loops should actually be cut off as they are only there to attach the belt to the dress during shipping and on the store shelf.

Cutting these loops will also help you figure out where the belt should actually be on your body, as everyone’s torso size is different.

Some blazers and coats have a sewn-on X located at the bottom center back.

The X is just to prevent wrinkles from forming during shipping or when hanging in the store.

Make sure you cut off the X as soon as you get home as it can be very noticeable.

Wearing too many logos at once is another fashion no-go.

Although you may be spending a lot of money on designer brands, wearing too many luxury pieces or mixing and matching pieces can actually cheapen the look.

The outfit won’t look as fancy, and “it just screams that I want some attention,” Angela said.

Another fashion mistake is wearing the wrong bra with an outfit or wearing the wrong bra size.

Make sure to update your bra as you age as your size may change.

“There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on your look and then putting on the wrong bra,” Angela said.

Wearing the wrong frames can also make your look look dated.

Angela has warned against wearing thin wire-frame glasses and opting for round, thick-rimmed glasses.

Above all, choose glasses that fit your face shape well.

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