Chiltern Railways is issuing travel advice to customers during the strike

Chiltern Railways has warned customers that services will be very busy on Saturday 30 July due to strikes.

Strike action by other operating companies coincides with the first weekend of the Commonwealth Games.

Customers have been warned to queue at West Midlands stations and are advised to plan ahead, checking their train before travelling, and allowing extra time for their journey.

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This recommendation was issued after the ASLEF strike action which was due to take place at Chiltern’s services on Saturday 30th July was cancelled.

ASLEF has withdrawn the industrial action ballot issued to Chiltern Railways and as a result the strike announced for Saturday 30th July will no longer continue.

Chiltern had written to ASLEF to challenge the basis of the election process.

This means Chiltern Railways will run a normal timetable on Saturday 30 July but other train operators’ staff will continue to go on strike, causing problems across the network.

A Chiltern Railway spokesman said: “While this is a boost for those traveling to and from the Commonwealth Games in the West Midlands, strikes at other operating companies mean the route is coming under significant pressure.

“If customers are traveling on July 30th they are advised to prepare for busy services by purchasing tickets before traveling and checking online at for the latest updates.

“Chiltern travel advice throughout the Commonwealth Games period can be found at”

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