I’m a fashion expert, and here are the clothes you should wear to stay cool—and what you should absolutely avoid

WITH temperatures forecast to collectively reach a sizzling high of 40 degrees, you may have a hard time deciding what to wear to avoid excessive sweating.

And while many like to go around in a bikini or completely nude, unfortunately that’s not always an option.


Fashion expert Alyssa Beltempo shared her hot weather clothing tips for beating the heat and still looking goodCredit: YouTube/Alyssa Beltempo
The fashion guru said that staying cool is all about the material of your clothes and the silhouette you choose


The fashion guru said that staying cool is all about the material of your clothes and the silhouette you chooseCredit: YouTube/Alyssa Beltempo

So if you need a little helping hand, then look no further than fashion expert Alyssa Beltempo, who shares her hot weather clothing tips on YouTube for beating the heat and still looking good.

In the clip, which has now been viewed over 118,000 times, she begins: “My first tip is fabric choice, and I think fabric choice is so important all year round – depending on the climate you’re dealing with has to do.”

In the summer when it gets super hot, the best fabrics I’ve found are linen, cotton and I personally like wearing silk.”

“A lot of people don’t find it to breathe or be finicky, but I wore my vintage silk skirt all over Italy last summer and was shocked at how light, airy and beautiful it felt.”

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And according to the fashion enthusiast, there are three materials to avoid when it’s hot — polyester, rayon, nylon, and acrylic.

Alyssa then moves on to her second piece of advice – picking the right silhouettes.

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“Usually in the hot, hot heat you don’t want anything touching your body – sometimes in super hot weather it’s preferable to feel naked…”

“I would recommend looking for silhouettes that contrast against the body but allow your body to move freely and also allow for solid airflow.”

So a maxi dress that goes all the way to the floor might not be the best option – make sure it ends above your shoes so air can get in there.”

The fashion guru also suggests keeping an eye out for slits.

“If silhouettes with lots of fluid movement aren’t your thing, you can always look for silhouettes that stand out from the body but have one.”
beautiful tailoring,” she says.

“Something like a basic cotton button-down shirt – because of the nice clean, clean lines at the shoulder, cuffs and collar – that still gives the illusion of being put together and polished while still having that.” Maintain breathability – Both because of the fabric and because of the silhouette.

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She also recommends investing in an A-line skirt that has a fitted waist to create an elegant look, wide-leg shorts to allow airflow, and a linen dress that is flattering but not too tight is.

And when it comes to jewelry, Alyssa recommends sticking to a pair of statement studs or statement rings — adding that they tend to stay in place and can add some “major interest” to your outfit.

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