The Biggest Fashion Fails of the ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Cast

Welcome to Plathville performers aren’t exactly fashion icons, but some of them take risks with style. There have been some fashion disasters.

The stars of Welcome to Plathville have a unique personal style that fans often appreciate, but they’ve had a few fashion failures over the years. The series follows the sheltered Plath family, including Kim and Barry Plath, and their nine children. Having grown up in an isolated environment, the children are now learning to adjust to life in the real world. Over four seasons of the show, they’ve embraced pop culture references and adjusted to living away from the family farm. They also learned how people outside of their small hometown usually dress.

While the Plath family is more divided than ever, and eldest son Ethan Plath is still at odds with his parents, all of the Welcome to Plathville cast members have evolved over the seasons of the show. Welcome to Plathville Fashion reflects everyone’s emotions, and Kim has recently changed her style. Now the way she dressed fits what she wants from her new life following her breakup with Barry. Moriah Plath does the same thing by dressing how she wants, and she’s been getting creative with clothes since leaving her family home.


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Moriah dresses like the rebellious kid, either in all-black ensembles or bright colors that demand attention, while Micah Plath dresses to show off his fit body, often baring his abs. Ethan and Isaac Plath would rather be around cars and airplanes respectively and usually keep it simple in old t-shirts. Lydia Plath is known to be an obedient daughter, and she dresses as such by wearing long skirts. But Lydia has also branched out this season.

3. Moriah’s vampire look

Ever since she started her own business Welcome to Plathville, Moriah has dressed the opposite of what she was raised to be. Rather than loose-fitting clothing that covers most of her body, she wears extremely revealing ensembles paired with heavy makeup and dyed hair. Some of Moriah’s more racy outfits have received calls from fans, who feel they overcompensate for her strict upbringing. They think she’s taking her personal style too far. That red bustier top and black hot pants were too much for some Plathville fans when they said Moriah didn’t look classy. They also found the outfit unflattering.

2. Kim changes things up


Kim’s fashion faux pas is less about what she’s wearing and more about what the clothes represent. For three seasons of Welcome to Plathville, Kim wore modest clothing that covered her body and she wanted her daughters to dress conservatively. By Season 4, Kim had taken back everything she’d said for years when she suddenly started donning more revealing tops. She even showed off her legs in shorts. Fans think Kim is going through a midlife crisis, and her sudden change of clothes is a reminder of how she’s changing. Many viewers were furious at how quickly she returned to her beliefs, only to pull off a few disappointing looks.

1. Purple and cheetah don’t get along

At number one, Moriah’s first dramatic hair dye reveal didn’t go down well Welcome to Plathville fans and remains one of the most notorious looks. She went from blonde to light purple hair, and fans thought she made the look even tackier by wearing a matching cheetah-print sports set. Moriah’s looks have divided fans in the past, but this is one of her most hated looks.

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