Pokemon fan art combines Umbreon and Luxray

A Pokemon fan shares his fusion, which combines Dark-type Umbreon and Electric-type Luxray to create a stunning new look.

Pokemon For years, players have created their own versions of the Pokémon to capture in the games. Through complete redesigns and combinations, known as fusions, these creative fans end up creating stunning new looks. In the latest fan-made Fusion, a Pokemon Player combines Umbreon and Luxray.

Fusions date back to the first generation of Pokémon, with players combining these designs to create new, non-canonical Pokémon. However, for this fusion, Luxray is an Electric-type Pokémon from the fourth generation of the franchise and is the final evolution for Shinx. Umbreon is a second-generation Dark-type Pokémon that evolves from Eevee under special circumstances.


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This fusion is from u/HoundoomKaboom and its creation would be an impressive and historic addition to the Pokemon Universe. In their post, they share the two original Pokemon in the upper right area of ​​the image while their combo is the focus. The way this merger breaks down is that it mainly takes the form of Luxray with some additional features added by Umbreon. Luxray’s head sculpt, spikes, and star-tipped tail all dominate the new creature’s look, while Umbreon adds its color and accents. Together, Umbreon and Luxray produce a black and gold creature on all fours and with gold rings around its tail. It’s not clear what program was used to create this fusion, but whatever was used, the resulting creation has enough to make the ingredient Pokemon identifiable.

This fusion takes two strong designs and creates something that highlights the best of both. The resulting creature would likely be dual-typed Dark and Electric, joining the only other Pokemon in this group: Morpeko. This combination means Electric, Flying, Ghost, Steel, and Dark attacks are much less effective against this fusion creation.

While fan-made fusions are unlikely to ever make it into canon, they are great exercises in creativity. These creations show what different variations of Pokémon might look like, showing dual types found in the Pokemon Franchise. Unfortunately, setting up a system within a game where different species could create fusions would be an enormous amount of work, and fusions will likely always remain fan-only.

Then again, with the introduction of regional variants, the Pokemon The universe offers a lot of space for design creativity. In a franchise where Sandslash has an Ice/Steel Alolan variant, mergers like this don’t seem entirely unrealistic. Anyway, this player did a great job showing what Luxray and Umbreon would look like together.

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