I hired scaffolders to fix my roof and was horrified when I caught them messing around in my yard at home

A HOMEOWNER who was expecting scaffolders to fix his roof was shocked to find them having beers in his hot tub instead.

David Wright, 45, from Irby in Wirral, lost his roof after it blew off during Storm Arwen in November 2021 – but getting it replaced has become “terrible”.


The father of two could tell someone had been in his hot tub because the windbands were openPhoto credit: Getty

He contacted his home insurance provider Zurich, who arranged for a group of tradesmen to do the repairs.

With construction expected to take at least four months, he, his partner Nicola, 45, and their two children, Lewis, 10, and Lauren, 7, have lived in a cramped bungalow with little room for the kids to run around outside.

But the work has dragged on for more than seven months – and David says the project has become a nightmare and he feels “let down” at every turn.

David said: “The emotional distress and heartbreak was excruciating. I’m honestly so close to just breaking down.”

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He was most disappointed when he got a call from his neighbor saying he had spotted scaffolders in the family’s hot tub.

David told the Liverpool Echo: “I called the project manager at the time [the scaffolders went in the hot tub] saying someone was in the hot tub and my neighbor saw it and they think it was the scaffolders.”

He claims the spa pool lid was damaged and the wind straps were not refastened.

When David contacted the subcontractors, they told him to “call the police” if he “think there’s a problem.”

The father of two claims to have photos of the beer mats on the patio from where they sipped beer from the fridge.

During the painful process, David, a building regulations manager, says the wrong roof was installed.

He told the Liverpool Echo: “It was a flat roof that would have cost £3,500,” said David.

“It’s almost like I’m working for them and trying to sort out my own insurance policy. I want you to work for me.

“I complained right away on December 12 because I initially had reservations.

A Zurich Insurance Group spokesman apologized for the problems David faced trying to repair the damage to his roof.

In recognition of the delays and his concerns about the service, David was awarded £350 in compensation.

A meeting has since taken place to outline steps to complete the work required on David’s house.

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They said: “We are also conducting a full investigation of some of the contractors engaged to ensure that the contractors engaged on Zurich’s behalf are providing the best possible and most professional service.”

The Sun has reached out to Zurich for further comment.

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