Eastbourne residents ‘terrified’ as houses are flooded for the fourth time

A number of homes in Linden Close were flooded yesterday (Monday 4th July).

Resident Matthew Warrington was in his garden at 1.30pm when a neighbor alerted him.

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He said, “It was like a wave, there was no stopping it.”

Residents of Linden Close flooded again after a water main burst (Image by Jon Rigby)

The deluge rushed in, damaging its ground floor with contaminated water.

Mr Warrington said: ‘I’ll lose everything downstairs. South East Water does not have an emergency number. I spent 30 minutes on the phone and then it took them another 30 minutes to get out of here.”

Natalie Skeggs was at home with her 11-month-old grandson. She said: “I picked up the baby and he was already coming out into the hallway. I couldn’t get to the electrics in time to turn them off.

“It was like a river coming out my back door. Everything is ruined from the front door to the back door.”

Tricia Stewart was at work when Ms Skeggs called to tell her what had happened.

She said: “I was panicking and feeling helpless. My manager took me home but in 15 minutes it was already in the house.

“I’ve been told it’s probably contaminated water too, so it smells. We’re all so upset.”

Dave and Andrea Carter were out and got calls from neighbors. Mr Carter said: “We got there and found the house was floating.

“It was an unsettling day.”

The last time the houses were flooded for the same reason was in 2018. It happened again in June and twice in September.

Mr Carter said: “This is the fourth time this has happened. We just renewed the hall carpet this year and we don’t have interior doors yet because they were swollen from the last flood.

“We want the water board to compensate us this time, we’re not claiming our own insurance again.”

Mr Warrington said: “Last time it took nine months to fix everything. We had just started to relax again and now it’s happened again.

“South East Water promised last time it wouldn’t happen again, it’s ridiculous.”

Ms Skeggs said: “It’s terrifying. I feel like I can hear water running, I keep checking.”

Residents want answers as to why this could happen again.

Ms Stewart said: “I can’t understand why this keeps happening. We were told it would be fixed and nothing happened.

“No one has apologized, and who knows how long it will take to get sorted again?”

Residents said today (Tuesday, July 5) clean-up efforts are continuing by ripping up carpets and removing furniture from their homes. They say they haven’t heard from South East Water.

South East Water has been contacted for comment.

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