Mid Sussex Planning Applications: Here is the most recent list of submissions across the district

DM/22/1952: Holmsted Farm, Staplefield Road, Cuckfield. Construction of a single storey oak framed lodge building to be used for holiday rentals with new driveway and parking.

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DM/22/0751: Land north of Clayton Mills, Hassocks. Provision of five car parking spaces with associated greenery (building permit applied for limited to 12 months). Changed plans to show removal of retail case and changed description accordingly. (Photo: Google Maps)

DM/22/1774: Havelock Farm, Wakehurst Place, Selsfield Road. Demolition of existing farm buildings (retaining those of historical value) formerly known as Havelock Farm and development of a new conservation and research nursery consisting of four different sized greenhouses, polytunnels, shade structures, a protruding area and a mechanical facility consists of buildings and associated hard and soft landscape works.

DM/22/1991: Chartin, Hammerwood Road. Replacement of cedar siding with fiber cement decking material.

DM/22/2056: Elmers, Deanland Road. Single storey rear/side extension.

DM/22/1842: Fernwood Cottage, The Road. Subsequent application to replace brick piers with new wall and fence panels. Replace the existing shed with a new shed to be built in a corner of the garden.

DM/22/1911: The Frog And Effet, Stairbridge Lane. Proposed separation of the annexe from the main house to create a new separate apartment. Opaque glazing of the existing outbuilding and extensive landscaping between the two properties.

DM/22/1523: 15 Alexandra Road. Proposed two-story side extension with spare garage and one-story rear extension. (modified description and plans 27/06).

DM/22/1539: Homelands, Oakwood Road. Prune the horse chestnut tree back to the previous pruning points.

DM/22/2030: 5 Silverdale Road. Proposed swimming pool to rear garden.

DM/22/2035: 162 Junction Road. Proposed single deck rear/side extension.

DM/22/2052: 21 The children’s room. Oak (T1) reduces the crown by 2 m.

DM/22/2053: 45 Brookway. Single storey rear extension.

DM/22/2055: Ockenden Manor House, Ockenden Lane. 4 x acacia – felled. 1x Holly – reduce to lowest fork (wall height). 2 x ash trees, 1 in the drill hall, remove branches, brush the roof; other- remove dead/dying limb. Lime – reduce to previous growth points above the roof.

DM/22/1295: 2A Blackwell Road. Demolish existing garage. Construction of a two-storey side extension. Construction of a single-storey front extension. Extend the existing roof and perform a loft conversion with rear skylights. Changes to the facade of the entire house to include new first floor windows on the front, right side and rear elevations. (Revised plans received on 06/29/2022 and 06/30/2022).

DM/22/1354: Baldwin’s Hill Primary School, Lowdells Lane. Installation of a new permeable path and trim path for Key Stage 2, removal and replacement of existing early years play area equipment and flooring, installation of a new “rain garden” and associated system to alleviate longstanding problems. Newly paved areas with permeable drainage underneath to divert rainwater into the rain garden.

DM/22/1487: Camper, 1 Orchard, Holtye Road. Proposed single storey 3m extension to home.

DM/22/1504: Cottages on the Orchard, Holtye Road. Proposed landscape and hardscape layout reconfiguration.

DM/22/1778: Hauptstraße 81. Conversion of an existing office space (B1) into a 1-room residential building.

DM/22/1780: Hauptstraße 81. Conversion of an existing office space (B1) into a 1-room residential building.

DM/22/1818: Moatfield Surgery, St Michaels Road. Maple T1 – A trunk has split off from the main trunk – suggested chopping down the rest of the tree (updated description 06/29/2022).

DM/22/2034: Land south of 25 and 27 Holtye Road. Proposed 5G telecom installation: H3G street pole and additional equipment cabinets.

DM/22/2054: The printing room, 6 middle row. Construction of interior walls.

DM/22/0751: Land north of Clayton Mills. Provision of five car parking spaces with associated greenery (building permit applied for limited to 12 months). Changed plans to show removal of retail case and changed description accordingly.

DM/22/1797: Mansion, 104 Keymer Road. Suggested repairs to the plaster above the front door. New roofing of the front bay window. interior plaster repairs.

DM/22/1986: 41 London Road. Roof extension with conversion of the terminal hipped roof to a gable wall and a new rear dormer.

DM/22/2016: 13 Church Met. Single storey addition to the rear of the home.

DM/22/2045: 54 Friars Oak Road. T1 Ash – Fell.

DM/22/2068: 12 Ann Close. Existing extension and conservatory demolished and new single storey 8m extension added with internal modifications and PV panels on western (side) facade.

DM/22/1185: 36 Rumbold’s Lane. Proposed front porch and 15 ft. rear extension.

DM/22/1776: Oststrasse 32. Removal of the existing annex and construction of a new one-story rear annex and two-story side annex. Roof construction and roof conversion with rear dormer, side window and skylight in front.

DM/22/2010: 1 Lucastes Lane. Proposed single storey lateral extension to existing garage, new permeable block paving for existing and extended driveway, new garbage storage and wood storage.

DM/22/2021: University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust, Princess Royal Hospital, Lewes Road. Amendment of Conditions 5 and 6 relating to planning application DM/21/2108 – to allow for the retention of certain trees and the removal of additional trees due to a high pressure water main found on site.

DM/22/2040: Byeways, 36 Lucastes Road. Silver Birch and Copper Maple – Reduce height by about 5 feet.

DM/22/2062: 26 Sergison Close. Trim mixed hedge on the left side of the lawn by 1 meter, trim yew and hawthorn by about 3 meters to match. Holly and yew, hazel and sycamore next to the house, reduce the front layer to a shed to create a hedge about 3-4 feet long. Oak used to trim overhanging branches over the perimeter fence by 2 metres.

DM/22/2064: 79 Highbank. Conversion of the internal garage into a children’s playroom. Bay window as a garage door replacement.

DM/22/2073: 34 Oathall Road. T1 beech – remove. T2 Silver Birch – remove. T3 Cherry Tree – remove.

DM/22/2083: 25 Sherwood Drive. Ash – fell to 10-20 cm.

DM/22/2033: Fieldhurst, Church Lane. 2 x Horse Chestnut – Pollard back to previous points as touching property and limiting light.

Hurstpierpoint and Sayers Common

DM/22/1905: Land north of 19 Dunlop Close, Sayers Common. T23 – Pedunculate Oak (Quercus robur) – To reduce 0.5m back to fence line, small section of overhanging foliage. T24 – Common Oak (Quercus robur) – To raise the crown to 3 meters includes any deadwood that is in the work area. T25 – Pedunculate Oak (Quercus robur) – For removing two low dead branches up to 3m.

DM/22/2005: Leigh Cottage, Cuckfield Road, Ansty. Rear and side single storey addition, new entry porch and 4 dormers no. to main roof.

DM/22/2006: Garden Shed, South Avenue, Hurstpierpoint. Retrospective application for a new home including minor changes, reduced ridge height, slight increase in eaves height, revised brick gable design, revised landscaping details and front (east) boundary fencing change.

DM/22/2012: Land west of Goldcrest Drive, Sayers Meadow, Sayers Common. Construction of a 66 bed 2 storey nursing home for the elderly with associated access, parking and landscaping.

DM/22/2022: 12 Hannington Place, Hurstpierpoint. Suggested work includes the removal and replacement of all existing living room windows, doors, glazed roof and ancillary structures with exposed brickwork, bifold, windows and flat roof with dormers. Extend wooden terrace. Remove the shed on the side of the house and build 2 non leaning wooden structures for the home office and flower shed. Install the side window on the north side. Enlarge existing porch. Install a wood stove chimney draft.

DM/22/2024: 17 Hassocks Road, Hurstpierpoint. Ornamental plum tree – fell.

DM/22/2037: 3 High Street, Hurst Pier Point. T1 Macrocarpa – fell.

DM/22/2038: Littleway, West Furlong Lane, Hurst Pier Point. Crabapple (T1) Reduce crown by 2m. Magnolia (T2) reduces the crown by 1m. Cypress (T3) fell. Magnolia (T4) reduces the crown by 1m. Hawthorn, field maple, goat willow (G1) fell.

DM/22/2039: Church House, High Street, Hurstpierpoint. Internal changes and new exterior French doors to rear elevation.

DM/22/2042: Church House, High Street, Hurstpierpoint. Internal changes and new exterior French doors to rear elevation.

DM/22/2017: Moto Break, Pease Pottage Motorway Service Station, Brighton Road, Pease Pottage. Formation of 12 dedicated EV charging stations with associated electrical infrastructure. Formation of 20 new standard parking lots.

DM/21/2276 Land east of Wineham Lane, Wineham. Battery storage facility and associated infrastructure. (Revised plans, safety management plan, fire strategy and other supporting information received on June 17, 2022).

DM/22/2029: 1 Philpots Cottages, Hook Lane. Construction of the one-storey replica and the rear dormer.

DM/22/1308: Crawley Down Garage, Snow Hill, Crawley Down. Display of 5 interior illuminated fascia signs, display of 1 non-illuminated corner module and display of 2 non-illuminated parking signs.

DM/22/2025: Land west of Copthorne, Copthorne Way, Copthorne. Provision of a footpath and associated landscaping work.

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