Arun Planning Submissions: Here is the most recent list of submissions across the district

AL/89/22/L: Westergate House, Denmans Lane, Fontwell. Listed building permit for the equivalent replacement of 15 selected windows on the south, west and east facades of the west wing of the house.

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AL/91/22/HH: 6 Meadow Way, Westergate. Erection of a single story rear infill extension and conversion of attached garage roof space to habitable use including the installation of 1 x rear dormer window.

BR/148/22/TEL: Property on Highfield Road, Bognor Regis. Annex 2 Part 16 Class A prior notification for a proposed 5G telecom installation, a 15m street pole and an additional 3 ancillary equipment cabinets and associated ancillary works. (Photo: Google Maps)

AW/166/22/T: 48 Craigweil Lane. 1 no. Maple Tree – Reduce the crown leaving the tree about 10m tall and 8m wide. Raise the crown to 2m off the ground.

AW/170/22/T: 47 Pinehurst Park. Fell 4 no. Lombardy poplars (T1, T2, T3 and T4) and replace them with 3 cherry blossom trees.

AW/171/22/T: 49 Pinehurst Park. Fell 1nr. Lombardy poplar.

AB/74/22/L: 50 Maltravers Street. Listed building permit for the installation of new metal railings in the front yard, restoration of the exterior door and minor internal modifications.

AB/77/22/PL: Arundel Church of England Primary School, Jarvis Road. Modification of the condition after issuance of AB/81/20/PL relating to Condition No. 2 – Approved Plans.

AB/86/22/HH: 5 wood view. Construction of a one-story rear extension.

BR/148/22/TEL: Land on Highfield Road. Annex 2 Part 16 Class A prior notification for a proposed 5G telecom installation, a 15m street pole and an additional 3 ancillary equipment cabinets and associated ancillary works.

BR/124/22/HH: 25 Pevensey Road. Lateral extension 1st floor, roof extension barn to gable end with 2 x side dormers and installation of the crossing.

BR/135/22/HH: 2 Barklye House, Sylvan Way. Replace windows and doors.

BR/155/22/T: 2 Monterey Gardens. Fell 1nr. hawthorn tree.

FG/96/22/HH: 4 Littlehampton Road. Two-storey side extension, one-storey rear extension with rear balcony.

FG/100/22/HH: Kleeweg 9. One-storey front and rear conversion as well as roof/attic conversion.

FG/113/22/HH: 19 Singleton Crescent. Conversion of attic space to habitable use including addition of 1 x side dormer, change to front elevation brick wall and changes to windows/openings.

FG/115/22/CLE: Highdown House, Littlehampton Road. Legitimate development certificate for the existing use of an existing workshop to support the repair and maintenance of plant and machinery

LU/155/22/A: Wick Information Centre, 76 Wick Street. Installation of 2 x unlit fascia signs.

LU/193/22/T: 22 Camelia Close. 1 no. Eucalyptus (T1): Height and radial reduction up to 1.5 m, keeping height and diameter at 6 m. 1 no. Willow (T2): Repollard to previous points (up to 2.5m height reduction, up to 1.5m radial reduction), keeping the height at 4.5m and the diameter at 4m.

P/101/22/PL: 63 West Front Road. Demolition of the existing house, outbuildings and garage. Construction of a new house, a workshop, a garbage store and a bicycle. Maintenance and modernization of railway wagons.

P/107/22/HH: 42 The Green. Construction of a 1-storey rear extension, dormer increase, partial conversion of the garage for habitable use and installation of the front carport.

WA/56/22/PL Property East of Fontwell Avenue, Fontwell. Modification of the condition imposed under WA/48/19/RES related to Condition 1 – Plan Condition to allow modification of the non-domestic building at the entrance to the site (Block A) and the provision of 5 new dwellings. This location is also in the parish of Barnham and Eastergate.

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