Penwortham masterplan: This is what Liverpool Road could look like after a £4.5million facelift

Almost a year after designer Wayne Hemmingway was brought in to help give the city a £4.5million facelift, proposals are being released for consultation.

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While business parks in Kingsfold and Middleforth are also being considered, the focus is on Liverpool Road and ideas include:

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An artist’s impression of what Liverpool Road might look like

– Reducing the roadway for more publicity with new footpaths

– Consistently safe cycle paths

– Closing the Kingsway access to Liverpool Road and creating a new garden and seating area

The Kingsway junction with Liverpool Road could be closed and a new garden area created

– New planting and seating areas

– A ‘spill out’ area opposite the Lawrence Road junction which could be used for pop up events and a Christmas tree.


This is what the “Spill Out” area could look like

Social media response to the initial proposals was positive, but there were some concerns about vehicle access.

Margaret McLaughlin wrote: ‘The Christmas Market will be a lot more enjoyable, especially if the road could be closed when it is in operation. Last year it was packed.” Denise Hough said, “Oo, looks like it’s going to be nice!”

Mark Nuttall said: “Looks fantastic as long as it is properly cared for and not overgrown like most areas in South Ribble. I would also ask how anything is delivered to one of the shops without blocking the whole street?”

Lucy Chamberlain said: “Unfortunately the concept poses more problems than it solves and I can’t see how the current plan is supposed to work.

A new cycle lane could run along Liverpool Road

“Neither loading areas nor bus stops were taken into account. They did not consider access to private land for both commercial and residential use.

“The houses towards Green Lane don’t even have access to their own house and driveways as it is now a car park. They made a plan without looking at what these buildings are for.”

Jenny Mitchell, who lives on Liverpool Road, agreed. She said: “We’re one of those houses and I’m assuming the plans were drawn by someone who doesn’t even realize we’re residential properties.

“It’s going to be tedious backing off the driveway with cars like this parked on either side of us… well, according to these plans, we don’t actually have a driveway.”

The Council

Councilor James Flannery, Cabinet Member for Planning, Business Support and Regeneration, said: “The proposed plans for Liverpool Road in Penwortham are incredibly exciting and we are keen to get as much input as possible from local residents.

“We have already held consultations for the other areas of Penwortham, Middleforth, Kingsfold and Charnock and the feedback so far from all residents has been very positive.

“The vision for Liverpool Road is to create a vibrant, safe and prosperous center for those who live, work and visit the area. A place that celebrates its history but also looks to the future, offering a quality public space that is attractive, sustainable and flexible for all.

“Those participating in the consultation are expecting a breakdown of plans for a flexible community space, garden and recreation spaces, footpaths and bike paths, and a public exercise space.”

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