97% of burglaries in Doncaster go unsolved by police, new figures say

New statistics show that 97% of burglaries in Doncaster go unsolved by the police.

And shockingly, 99% of burglaries in the Borough of Armthorpe South and Armthorpe North remain unsolved.

And in line with the results, home security company SimpliSafe has reported a 27% month-on-month increase in online inquiries about its home security systems from people in Doncaster.

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Statistics say that 97% of burglaries in Doncaster remain unsolved.

Jonathan Wall, General Manager of SimpliSafe UK commented: “Intrusions can have a devastating impact on people; be it emotional, financial or physical and it will no doubt be difficult for Doncaster residents to read these stats.

“However, there are very effective measures that can be taken to deter burglars from breaking into your home, especially as we approach summer. The longer days and warmer weather can sometimes result in homeowners becoming distracted and often neglecting home security measures.”

Below are Jonathan Wall’s top safety tips for keeping your home safe and secure this summer:

“When the temperature rises and you feel the urge to open your windows and doors, don’t provide an opportunity for easy entry. Of course we’re not saying you have to keep yourself locked all the time, but simply remembering to lock all possible entrances to your home when you leave the room or during the day will help avoid the risk of a break-in. “

Hide valuable garden tools

“If you’ve decided to garden when the weather is nice, don’t forget to stow away your valuable garden tools safely when the work is done. If these were left open – even for a few minutes – you could end up unwittingly luring an intruder into your property. Instead, hide them either in a garden shed or garage with secure locks, or in your house.”

Home security when you are away

“It’s inevitable that warmer temperatures will get you in the holiday spirit. So if you are planning a getaway, make sure your home is safe. Instead of risking leaving a spare key under your doormat — which could pose a massive security risk — you could instead provide your trusted neighbors with a custom PIN to arm/disarm your security system, letting you know who’s coming and going. Outdoor security cameras are also a great way to deter potential burglars and capture vital evidence that can help police in their investigations.”

Be careful what you share on social media

As tempting as it may be to do the mandatory airport check-in, this post can reveal as much. A caption that reads “See you in two weeks” along with a public Instagram profile showing off your new car and house could be an inviting roadmap for burglars checking social media. If you love sharing publicly on Instagram to connect with others, consider temporarily setting your profile to private and changing your Instagram story to “close friends,” but still be careful with your follower list if she is a high number with many that you don’t have knows. You might want to post your vacation snaps when you get back as an alternative that doesn’t advertise an empty house.

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