Umbilical cord, mummified cat and other strange things that people find in their homes

The average UK home contains over £1,000 of unwanted rubbish and according to research collected by a storage solutions company, space station more than two-thirds of people have found something strange while cleaning out their homes.

False teeth, an umbilical cord and a vintage car are just a few of the weird and wonderful items Britons have found, along with 28% of over 65s finding old money. Vlatka Lake, storage expert at space station reveals the strangest items found in new homes.

Vlatka said: “With the property market booming, many Britons are considering selling their homes, moving into new homes and clearing their storage areas.

“People use self-storage for a variety of reasons, and our research has turned up some unexpected and really weird things. Here, at space station , we’re always looking for the most interesting and wonderful items to make our units! When a unit is ready to be re-rented, our staff are on hand to ensure it is emptied, cleaned and ready for the next rental with no ‘baggage’ left over.”

1. An umbilical cord and a clamp

One of the strangest and most bizarre things found was an umbilical cord and clamp found by a person living in Nottingham. Research has found that 1 in 20 from northern England have found an old family secret in their new home.

2. WW2 live grenade

People in the South East of England had the highest rate of finding something illegal in their home compared to other regions. Featuring a West Midlands person who finds a live WW2 grenade while doing renovations on her home. The police were called to remove it and luckily no one was hurt. When it comes to them

3. An urn

Another strange find, but a common one, was an urn under some floorboards in a London tenement. Of those surveyed, 19% of those living in London found something left behind by the previous occupant of a house.

4. Head and torso of a mannequin

A person from south-west England found the head and torso of a mannequin while cleaning out her grandparents’ house.

5. Vintage cars

The nicest thing you could find was probably a classic car in the north of Great Britain. Vintage cars have proven popular with petrolheads over the years, so finding something like this in a storage unit could prove financially beneficial. Research shows that one in eight (12%) 18-24 year olds said they found something rare or valuable when moving into a new home. In 2020, the average selling price for a classic car was £38,984 3 and continues to rise with the cost of living crisis.

6. False teeth

Here’s one thing you don’t want to find when cleaning out an old relative’s house, her false teeth! A family in Edinburgh found a pair of their uncle’s false teeth.

7. Mummified Cat

This wasn’t a usual reaction and I think you can agree that it is a rare find where an unlucky one finds a mummified cat in its new home in Nottingham.

8. Previous owners underwear

A pair of used underwear was found behind an immersion heater thanks to previous owners at a Cardiff property.

9. 1970s recipe

A young woman in Glasgow reported finding a recipe from the 1970s while clearing her new property. Luckily, she disposed of the expired prescription immediately.


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