Garden Rescue: Take a look at the presenter’s own gardens

Emmy Griffiths

Viewers love BBCs garden rescue, sees the moderators Charlie Dimmock, Lee Burkhill and more go head to head to create their client’s dream garden and turn it into something beautiful.

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They like Harry and David Reich and Arit Anderson also appeared on the show before saying goodbye last year. However, presenters, past and present, all have one thing in common: when they’re not busy on the show enhancing other people’s outdoor spaces, what about the stars’ own backyards? Check out her beautiful creations here for the ultimate inspiration…

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Harry and David Reich

David and Harry Rich, also known as “The Rich Brothers”, share an Instagram account where they document the transformation of Harry’s expansive garden in Brecon, Wales, through both beautiful images and deep posts.

In 20202, they shared a snap of them enjoying lockdown isolation by spending time hanging out outside on a new Habitat garden table surrounded by foliage. The snapshot was captioned: “If you have more time to sit and enjoy in the garden, why not put the peach on something real?”

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In another photo Harry and his daughter Indigo show off the beautiful surroundings of their country home while standing in front of a stunning tree covered in red leaves, with the caption: “Work in the garden has begun. Harry and Indigo under the crimson blossoms of the blooming currant.”

In late May, the brothers announced that their gardening efforts were beginning to show themselves with an album of snaps in 2019, writing, “The first year after planting and the gardens are really starting to settle down.” Her followers were of the beautiful one Nature overwhelms, with one writing: “So beautiful” while another added: “Breathtaking.”

Charlie Dimmock

Since Charlie doesn’t have any public social media, we can only imagine what her garden looks like. However, after the former ground force Star, your own garden is a bit messy! chat with the To express, She said she has big plans to improve it after she wrapped filming her garden show.

She said: “I’ll try to keep my garden looking good because I’ve been doing this for so long, it looks like a disaster area! In the fall I tackle my garden; I could get one from the landscape team [from Garden Rescue] a bit to pave for me. I want the fall to be dry and not too hot and not too cold so I can move on.”

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Lee Burkhill

Lee Burkhill may be one of the newest hosts on the show, but he’s already made a splash! The gardener, who calls himself Garden Ninja Lee on social media, has also updated his followers in recent months about the transformation of his Exploding Atom Garden on the outskirts of Liverpool.

In a recent post, Lee revealed that he acquired two beehives to attract more bees to his garden. He wrote: “I am so excited now that the bees will be arriving in a few weeks!! Thanks for all the advice so far from more experienced fellow beekeepers.

Lee’s garden also features a wildflower meadow, large trees, and an intricate hedge design, now visible from Google Earth. “I am absolutely amazed that the Exploding Atom Garden is now on Google Earth!!” He wrote back in August 2020. “What amazes me even more is that it looks really symmetrical!!!!? All measured by hand with a string and a rolling wheel by you.”

Lucinda Lawrence

You may recognize Lucinda’s voice as she provided the voiceover for garden rescue since 2017. Whether she was already an aspiring gardener or took inspiration from the series, it appears the star has dabbled in gardening during lockdown and has shared multiple snaps of her endeavors.

In a photo of her working on her garden, she joked, “Stop looking at my pruning shears. #leaves #loppers #findthatview #gardeninginlockdown.”

She also shared a snap of herself holding a watering can in front of a low slate wall and daffodils, writing, “Monday mornings feel like a fresh start #stayhome.”

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