London property: Massive £783,000 house with 8 bedrooms but bizarre concrete garden has tiny patch of lawn

Property in London often has a rightful reputation for lacking value for money. Whether it’s a studio worth what you’d pay for a detached house elsewhere in the country, or a weird studio in someone’s attic charging thousands of pounds a month in rent, it can do a lot be.

This particular property in one of London’s up-and-coming boroughs in the eastern suburb of Walthamstow doesn’t seem too unreasonable at first. The £783,995 price tag, while steep, is mitigated by the fact that you get eight different bedrooms for that money. In addition, the property has recently received some TLC with a fresh coat of paint and a fairly new looking roofing.

It also has four different shower rooms plus a family bathroom, off street parking for one car, a decent looking kitchen with breakfast bar and a lovely large living room. In addition, on Boundary Road, the property is within walking distance of Walthamstow Queens Road underground station and St James Street Overground station, which offer excellent transport links.

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The garden is described as “low maintenance”.

However, there is a problem, the garden. The listing description describes this as a ‘well manicured low maintenance garden’ and whilst this is not incorrect it does not fully explain what this low maintenance garden is made of. Concrete and lots of it.

With everything going so well inside the house it wouldn’t have taken much gardening to make this a prime property, but what you find behind it is effectively a huge concrete plateau from front to back, side to side, with a tiny one Patch of artificial grass that bizarrely fell down the middle.

The feeling of an unfinished project is even more noticeable at the back of the garden, as exposed concrete blocks form the back wall, making the whole look more like a construction site than a completed garden.

However if you want to add your own touch to your garden this would be the ideal blank canvas and if gardens aren’t your thing it still offers a fantastic amount of storage space.

Here you can visit the object.

What do you think of the property, is it worth the money? Let us know here in the comments.

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