I’m a real estate agent – these are the 7 classic mistakes that will reduce the value of your home by thousands

WE ALL want our house to feel like home, but did you know there are certain things you could do that would take thousands of its value away?

From your pets to scratches on the walls and even that broken garden gate you’ve always wanted to fix, even the smallest details can adversely affect your property price.


We all want to impress guests – and buyers – with our propertyCredit: Alamy

Thankfully, most of the mistakes we make aren’t expensive to fix.

Here, online rental broker Mashroom’s Adam Male shares the seven classic faux pas that can devalue your property.

curb complaint

We all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but unfortunately that doesn’t apply to homes – and when it comes to selling, first impressions really do count.

A poorly manicured yard, damaged driveway, poor lighting, or even just a broken gate can all have a detrimental effect on the value of your home.

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Ensuring that your property looks good from the outside is a starting point.

Adam says that before a viewing, you should always cut your lawn, fix broken lights and, if possible, give the outside of your home a new coat of paint.

clutter and hoarding

Clutter and hoarding can reduce the value of your property when it is sold.

A poorly manicured yard will turn people off before they even step through the front door


A poorly manicured yard will turn people off before they even step through the front doorPhoto credit: Getty

When prospective buyers view a property, they often imagine living there – and that’s hard to do when it’s full of your belongings!

Adam says, “Clutter and general clutter can make rooms appear much smaller than they actually are and give the appearance of an unkempt and unsanitary home.

“It’s worth remembering that potential buyers want to imagine living in the home and see the potential it offers them.

“A messy home might be enough to discourage people from buying or bidding lower than the asking price.”

Clearing out unnecessary items and furniture also makes things easier when you eventually move house.

Clutter and clutter are a big no-no when selling a property


Clutter and clutter are a big no-no when selling a propertyPhoto credit: Getty

tease pets

We all adore our pets and because of this we tend to overlook their flaws.

A potential buyer won’t, however, and even the smell is enough to put someone off.

If you have a pet, try airing your home before you come up for sale and confine the pets to one room—ideally the room with the least upholstered furniture.

Adam also recommends avoiding anything that might have a strong residual odor before viewing – and not smoking indoors either!

Dated facility

While intentionally retro decor has made a comeback, Adam says a dated property can be a real problem.

The biggest problem would be if your bathroom or kitchen needs an upgrade.

Adam says: “A bathroom is a room that can be subjected to heavy use and can easily be one of the oldest looking rooms in your property.

“Available from just £120, plain white bath and shower trays can do wonders by transforming the look of your bathroom without spending a fortune.

“If any of your tiles are cracked or leaking, have them replaced and make sure the grout is clean too, removing any black mold or unsightly stains.

“A kitchen is often one of the most important rooms in the home and can be the selling point of many properties.

“Upgrades can be made to freshen up a kitchen without having to completely remodel a new one. For homeowners looking to spend less, consider painting or repainting the kitchen doors yourself and making sure you choose a quality paint.

“Ensuring that floor tiles and hardwood floors are fitted correctly with no gaps is another inexpensive task that will add a premium feel to your kitchen.”

There are simple tricks to modernizing an old bathroom that don't cost the earth


There are simple tricks to modernizing an old bathroom that don’t cost the earthCredit: Alamy

Bold colors and crazy decor

When it comes to decoration, we all have different tastes and that makes us unique.

However, if you love the color green and decide to paint everything green, it’s not for everyone and may turn people off.

Adam recommends sticking to a blank canvas of neutral colors that potential buyers can easily change.

If you don’t have time to redecorate your home, make sure the walls are clean and free of scuffs and chips.

The devil is in the details

Additionally, those little scuff marks on the wall or chips in the kitchen counter may be small, but they can have a real impact.

Adam says: “Small cosmetic details that need to be addressed can have a profound impact on the appearance of a home when it is resold.

“Scratches, cosmetic damage to walls, wood and paintwork can make the home look shabby and unloved, reducing the property’s value or people’s willingness to pay.

“If there are any holes in the walls make sure they are properly filled in and painted over to a good standard.”

Turn up the heat

In view of the energy crisis, this is currently particularly relevant.

Adam says, “An inefficient heating system not only impacts your energy bills now, it can have a negative impact on the value of your property in the long term.

“An energy efficient home is desirable as it ultimately means gas and electricity bills are reduced, but it also likely means appliances are more reliable and reduce the need for expensive repairs and repairs.”

After all, it really pays off, to be honest. Make sure the description of your home and its photos are accurate.

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Shoppers get frustrated when they bother to come to your door and feel like they’ve been scammed.

Along with realistic photos, make sure your floor plan is up to date with the correct measurements.

An inaccurate and exaggerated description will only lead to disappointment


An inaccurate and exaggerated description will only lead to disappointmentCredit: Alamy


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