Garden Arches – The best garden arches for any outdoor space

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A garden arch is a great addition to any outdoor space. It can be used for everything from supporting plants and encouraging wildlife to being purely decorative – with garden arches available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.

So how can you add a garden arch to your space to turn it into an oasis for flora and fauna? “Once planted, garden arches are multi-story wildlife havens for birds, beneficial insects, invertebrates and amphibians,” says Morris Hankinson, director of Hopes Grove Nurseries. “They can be useful, especially in smaller spaces, to divide your property into different areas or ‘rooms’, or to emphasize areas such as entrances or seating areas.”

If you’re wondering what design or material to go for when choosing a garden arch, Morris encourages people to think about the ideal look and feel you want to achieve in your space. “The choice is very much determined by the environment,” he says. “Bows are available in a wide range of materials so there is sure to be a bow that suits your design, perhaps in chestnut, woven hazel or willow – or something much more contemporary like corton steel. You can even use upcycled and recycled materials like welded mesh or scaffolding. The latter options are more typical of a modern urban setting, with natural materials being more suited to a cottage garden look.”

Once you’ve chosen your garden arch, the fun part begins: choosing what to plant! Morris recommends everything from English climbing roses to wisteria and clematis for a classic look and to accommodate the seasonality of the flowers you choose, and recommends Star Jasmine for the summer months.

If you’re looking for a garden arch to add to your outdoor space, whether to frame your garden bistro set or to incorporate into your next garden project, we’ve rounded up all of our favorite options to buy now…

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Waitrose Garden


This delightful garden arch features a classic trellis design that complements any outdoor space. It is also made from FSC-certified wood.


Steel Garden Rose Arch, £13.33


A brilliant budget option, this simple garden arch costs just over £10.



Gray interiors have been very trendy in recent years – also in the garden. This gray bow features a lattice design and a curved top.

Waitrose Garden


Keep it simple yet chic by embracing the rustic trend in your garden. This pretty bow is made of durable steel.


Classic Garden Arch – Pewter



You can’t go wrong with a classic garden arch as it looks great in any outdoor space. This is made of heavy-duty square steel and has a weather-resistant coating.


Forest Ryeford wooden garden arch

Buy shed direct


This garden arch has a rectangular shape – not a curved one. The trellis is gorgeous and the pergola top adds a touch of chic.



For a truly stunning finish, this garden arch is what you need. Its round shape is truly unique and will be the talking point in any garden.


Panacea Camberwell Wave Top Metal Garden Arch

Buy shed direct


Add a touch of industrial style to your garden with this black garden arch. Made of steel, it impresses with a modern look.



The Oregon Arch is made of steel and is weather resistant. With its classic design, it fits into any garden.


Blooma Chiltern Round Top wooden bow

This garden arch features trellis sides, a curved wooden top and panels that all combine to create a gorgeous and classic look.

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