Celebrity chefs Gennaro Contaldo and Matt Pritchard host a barbecue in the grounds of Derbyshire Mansion

Gennaro Contaldo and Matt Pritchard have created exquisite three course menus for the Summer BBQ Series event at Melbourne Hall on 24 June 2022.

Guests can expect a variety of food stations spanning a selection of meats, fish, sides, salads and more, complete with a drink on arrival – all priced at £49.50.

Once they’ve fed everyone, Gennaro and Matt take the stage for a question-and-answer session moderated by Melbourne Hall’s own celebrity chef, Joe Hurd.

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Joe Hurd can often be seen on the television shows The Saturday Show and Saturday Kitchen.

Gennaro is credited with teaching Jamie Oliver everything he knew about Italian cooking. He worked with Jamie on the three TV series Jamie Cook’s Italy, Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast and Jamie’s Christmas. He has also hosted two series of BBC Two’s hit Two Greedy Italians and is a regular guest on Italian food and a Saturday Kitchen top chef. Gennaro has written at least ten cookbooks that have been translated into multiple languages ​​and have sold more than 100,000 copies.

Matt Pritchard, formerly known as the frontman of the MTV prank and joke show Dirty Sanchez, is now focusing on vegan nutrition, health and fitness. His cooking series Dirty Vegan coincided with his vegan cookbook of the same name. Following his success, Matt published a second cookbook, Dirty Vegan: Another Bite, soon followed by his second installment of Dirty Vegan on BBC Wales television.

Joe Hurd leads through the evening. When Joe dropped by Stables Ales at Melbourne Hall for a drink a few years ago, the stars aligned and a partnership began, with Joe now bringing delicious food to customers at The Brewhouse. He is often seen on television on The Saturday Show and Saturday Kitchen and has worked with some of the world’s most celebrated chefs including Heston Blumenthal and Paul Hollywood. Joe is urging to remove the snobbery from food and teach the next generation the skills of cooking via Channel 5’s The Munch Box and its Instagram Live shows.

Melbourne Hall owner Lord Ralph Kerr said: “Joe has been a huge supporter of what we have done with The Brewhouse and we are thrilled that he will be hosting this summer BBQ weekend with Gennaro and Matt.”

Gennaro Contaldo is the chef who taught Jamie Oliver everything he knows about Italian cooking (Photo: Simon Burt)

Home to one of the country’s most treasured historic gardens, Melbourne Hall is the best preserved early 18th-century English garden in the style of the 17th-century landscape architect le Notre, who was chief gardener to King Louis XIV of France.

Matt Pritchard specializes in vegan cuisine and has written two cookbooks.

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