Bonnechere Manor volunteers celebrated at a garden party

RENFREW – The Bonnechere Manor volunteers rock out and their dedication to the residents of the long-term care home was celebrated during a recent garden party to recognize the volunteers.

This was the first major in-person gathering to honor volunteers since the pandemic began. The afternoon event, held in the courtyard of Bonnechere Manor, had a garden party theme which many of those present fully embraced with their choice of attire including wide brimmed hats and fascinators.

A station was also set up where participants could write messages on painted rocks to either take home or leave on the site to brighten the day of residents and visitors.

Renfrew County Warden Debbie Robinson was on hand to deliver greetings from County Council and a heartfelt thank you to the Bonnechere Manor volunteers.

“Giving yourself, giving your time, is the greatest gift of all. Along with your time, you are sharing your friendship, compassion and skills in making Bonnechere Manor a truly welcoming home for residents and I want you to know how much we appreciate your efforts,” said Director Robinson.

Councilman Michael Donohue, chair of the county health committee, thanked the volunteers for their continued adaptation and expressed gratitude for the resilience they have shown during the pandemic.

“Volunteers add the depth of color and help make this a community,” said Councilor Donohue. “I’ve said many times that it’s best to find something you enjoy doing that isn’t work; then you get as much as you give. Your willingness to support your community is greatly appreciated by the mansion staff and residents.”

Bonnechere Manor Administrator Dean Quade also recognized the volunteers’ combined efforts and reflected on the challenges of recent years.

“We recognize that COVID has changed the way volunteers have been able to impact the lives of our residents, but we are so proud of how you all have managed to stay connected and work to improve the spirits of our To lift residents and frontline workers,” he said. “I am struck by your generosity and compassion for those around you. You are all so generous with your time, warmth, humor and caring that means so much to the residents of Bonnechere Manor.”

Mike Blackmore, Director of Long Term Care for Renfrew County, was thrilled to recognize the exceptional volunteers, many of whom go above and beyond to enrich the lives of the manor’s residents.

“Our Bonnechere Manor volunteers are wholeheartedly committed to their volunteer work in ways that have great meaning and positive impact on the lives of Bonnechere Manor residents and we thank you for your continued contributions,” Blackmore said.

The garden party featured musical entertainment by Bonnechere Manor staff Kimberly Thompson, Daytime Program Assistant, and Denver Mullen, Recreational Programmer.


Mike Blackmore – Director of Long Term Care – 613-735-0175

Dean Quade – Manager, Bonnechere Manor – 613-432-4873

Bonnechere Manor recently held a Volunteer Appreciation Garden Party to honor the dedicated volunteers at Renfrew Long Term Care Home. At the garden party were (from left) Eleanor Donaldson, Bonnechere Manor Volunteer, Anne Briscoe, Assistant President, Debbie Robinson, Renfrew District Manager, Michael Donohue, Health Committee Chair, Erin Wilson, Bonnechere Manor Customer Programs Manager, and Nina Gould, Assistant Vice President .

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