Best Anti-Stain Sofas That Look Good For Longer


Imagine the scene: you’ve finally taken the plunge and settled on the sofa of your dreams. You’ll have all your friends checking it out and beaming with pride as they nod in approval of your purchase. And then, after they’re gone, you see it. A small but undoubtedly accidental stain that will contaminate your valuable new purchase. No amount of strategic pillow placement can erase it from your memory. Ruined.

Dramatic, yes, but a scenario that needs to happen in sofa buyers’ homes across the country. Messy buddies to ghosting is an option, but let’s face it; Your fancy new sofa was bound to leave a stain at some point. Keep your circle of friends and your sanity intact by buying wisely and getting a sofa with an anti-stain finish.

Developments in fabric technology mean that a simple spill no longer means throwing away your sofa or having to live in tainted shame forever. A quick dab with a damp cloth or wiping away dust with a microfiber cloth is often enough to bring it back to showroom-like new condition.

We have put together the most beautiful fabric sofas with dirt-repellent surfaces for you.

From sofa beds to corner designs, shop the best below—and never worry about having that second glass of red on it again.

M&S Mia Scatterback 4 seater sofa


Gather the whole family for movie night without worrying about spilling drinks, or share boxes of chocolate smudges. M&S proudly presents its four seater Mia Scatterback sofa, which has more than enough space for everyone.

Beautifully plump with impressive springback (so you don’t have to worry about body creases either), 73 fabric options are available, with textures ranging from classic weave to brushed herringbone and vintage velvet.

All offer stain protection, which makes it seem like a government office is involved, but really just means it’s perfect for busy households with pets and children.

Delivery in eight weeks.

Dunelm Salisbury luxury right hand side velvet corner sofa


There’s something so decidedly luxurious about a green sofa, and this corner model from Dunelm also includes a chaise longue, expanding the possibilities for lounging. Not only does it look great, it’s so easy to care for with a velvet effect fabric that’s made from 100 percent recycled materials. Care instructions are limited to “wiping with a soft cloth” and the company also promises that the pile won’t crease, so you can enjoy that brand new feeling for longer.

Love Your Home Bloomsbury Sofa

love your home

Designed in collaboration with Homes & Gardens magazine, the Bloomsbury sofa is as sleek and elegant as the London area that bears its name. All soft flowing lines with a touch of mid-century style, the legs are set on casters to make it easier to move into the optimal position (that’s then right in front of the TV). It’s available in a range of fabrics, but not all are stain-resistant: choose velvet or linen to protect against accidents and wear and tear, like this option in a scorching clementine colour. The perfect statement piece that looks as pretty as it did at first.

M&S Rochester Button large 2-seater sofa


This opulent two-seater sofa is a stylish option for bringing a luxurious B&B vibe to your bedroom or dining room. It looks high-maintenance, but it’s anything but. Play with fabric types, colors and leg finishes to find the ultimate look for you, knowing it’ll look new thanks to the stain-resistant finish. Eight weeks delivery time.

Love Your Home Disraeli – Chesterfield Loveseat

love your home

Ideal for apartments with limited space, a loveseat is the perfect option when you’re looking for a comfortable perch to stretch out on or a cozy nook for two. The buttoned back gives it classic Chesterfield charm, but in a range of stain-resistant fabrics like velvet and linen. For an easy way to add a touch of color to your interiors, try lilacs.

Darlings of Chelsea Launceston 3.5 Seater Armless Sofa Bed

Favorites from Chelsea

We said it once; We say it until the cows come home. If you are looking for a sofa, make it a sofa bed. Even if it doesn’t open often, for the times that you do do need an extra bed, it will come in very handy.

Darlings by Chelsea’s design is wire-free and has many advantages. The sofa can be slid into your existing furniture arrangement, wedged between armchairs or used to enhance a corner design. And it’s more comfortable for big sleepers who enjoy the freedom to move around without hindrance through their arms.

The Launceston model is available in a range of fabric types, with the home fabric and chenille falling into the stain-resistant category.

Swyft model 06 – 3 seater left corner sofa in pumice stone


No need to wait endlessly for your brand new sofa to be delivered: sofa-in-a-box brand Swyft lives up to their name and can deliver it to you in just a few days (or even 24 hours).

No tools are required for construction: instead it is snapped together by a variety of clever locking systems, no tool kit required.

Model 06 is the latest design in the Swyft family, and one could argue that it’s the most sumptuous of them all, with delightfully deep seats and squishy cushions filled with a mix of feathers and foam for support.

It’s offered in linen and velvet, and while colors and textures may vary, they all have one thing in common: stain-resistant technology. It protects your sofa from the effects of everything from a blurry wine-and-cheese night with your friends to melted chocolate from your kid’s teatime. Wipe off the offending stain with a damp cloth and it will be as if it never happened.

Cozy The Small Biggie daybed


Well, you got us: this isn’t necessarily a sofa, but who cares when you’ve got so much legroom to luxuriate on? Another tool-free design, this daybed is so soft you can practically hear angels playing harps as you lounge – it really is that heavenly. It’s available in a range of durable, leak-proof fabrics with vegan seat cushions that fold up to reveal ample storage underneath for cushions, linens and throws.

As for splash resistance, one customer whose child hoisted their mango/peanut butter snack onto the seat found that just water and a cloth came clean: “My beautiful snug is now as good as new. It really does what it promises, dirt-repellent and easy to clean.” It really couldn’t be said more fair.


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