“I know my life has been cut short, but I know I must live what I have as best I can.”

Sarah Peach and her husband John enjoy the weather in the garden of their home on Debdale Lane. A fountain splashes in the background.

The couple’s 11-year-old son Jason is going for a bike ride. Her younger son, five-year-old Daniel, comes to the back door and asks what he can eat.

Sarah tells John that she is going upstairs to sleep and that she will be back soon. And with that she disappeared inside.

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Wedding by the sea in Jamaica for this couple in love.

Sarah needs to sleep. She has a brain tumor. It’s final.

Her fatigue comes from a mixture of exhaustion from her illness and feeling the effects of a grueling six-week regimen of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Not long ago, she told her husband that she had a slight headache. It was dismissed as one of those things — she had no underlying health issues.

Then, in early February, she came home from the school run and called out to her husband. He thought she had a stroke, so called 999.

A colorful family portrait.

Tests showed her brain had a lesion. She underwent surgery at the Queen’s Medical Center in Nottingham and shortly after was told she had stage four glioblastoma, an aggressive cancer that has no cure.

“I broke down,” Sarah said. “I know my life has been cut short, but I know I must live what I have as best I can.”

John said: “I was hoping it wasn’t as bad as we thought it was, but it was a shock. I had to change gears to support them. It was one of the worst days of our lives.”

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Happy days as the couple tied the knot 11 years ago.


The couple debated whether or not to tell their boys, who are both autistic, and they consulted experts.

Sarah said: “We told them and now Jason is very protective of me even though Daniel is too small to fully understand.”

John added, “Sarah is a lovely mother to the boys and if I had to rate her a 10 I would say she is over 10.”

Christmas time in the Peach household.

John and Sarah met when John called a garage to speak to a friend and Sarah was there speaking to one of her friends.

Despite the age difference – John is now 56 and Sarah is 33 – they hit it off and got married in Jamaica around 11 years ago.

“That was the happiest day,” John said. “She looked stunning. Now I don’t know how long she has left, so we’re counting every day.”

Although there is no treatment for the cancer, there are treatments in America that could prolong her life.

A family friend has set up an online fundraising page to raise funds that could help the family raise memories, but also pay for this special treatment.

Jessica Woof writes: “I want to raise this money for Sarah and her family as I know she is looking for alternative treatments and her desire is to make as many memories as possible with her family.

Sarah was a devoted mother who always put her boys first.

“As Sarah is well aware, people with this condition have only lived 12 to 18 months, with only 5 percent of people exceeding that time.”

Sarah and John Peach in the garden of their Mansfield home.

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