The best garden gnomes and ornaments 2022


When the weather finally warms up, we all hope to spend more time outdoors.

If your garden or balcony is looking a bit drab, you can add a touch of color with a cheeky gnome or a lively ornament.

In 2022 the well-meaning garden gnome will have time again, and these are not all male gnomes with a penchant for fishing. In today’s world there is something for every interest. Whether you’re a soccer fan, dream of tropical beaches, or want to go big and bold, you’re sure to find something for yourself.

If gnomes still don’t do it for you, there are many stylish options for garden decorations and ornaments. From upcycled metal to stunning dragonfly stakes, you can bring style to the great outdoors. Why should the living room get all the attention?

You can enjoy an Aperol Spritz in the garden and admire your new additions without breaking the bank. No need to replace the patio or lawn, these beautiful decorations will add new life to even the smallest garden or yard.

If you’re concerned about the environment, you can go resin and plastic-free with handmade creations made from upcycled or recycled metals, ensuring no one down your street has the same designs as you.

If you don’t feel like roaming the garden center, we’ve done the hard work for you and found some of the most unique, stylish, and just plain fun ornaments you can buy.

Here are some of the best gardening items.

George Home Gnora with a puppy dwarf


In addition to cheap groceries, Asda also has a bunch of happily crazy gnomes called Gnorman and Gnorma. They range from standard sized garden gnomes to giant models if you want to make a serious statement.

They offer themed designs with previous designs for Valentine’s Day, Christmas and the Anniversary. For June you can get your hands on a Pride gnome as well as some other adorable summery designs. There’s gnoma with her new pup, a grandpa fishing, a weight-lifting gnoman getting ready for the beach, and a holiday gnome in a rubber ring enjoying a cocktail. Whatever your style, there is something that will suit your garden.

Wilko Toadstool Gnome Plus Solar


Gnomes can have both a practical use and a style item. Wilko is home to a solar powered gnome that looks cute during the day but will also brighten up your garden when the sun goes down. It’s a perfect talking point for any BBQ.

When it first arrives, it needs to be charged in full sunlight for three days to allow the battery to reach its full capacity. After that, it must stand in a sunny place and will turn on automatically when the sensor detects that the light is fading.

In addition to the Toadstool Edition, Wilko also offers a solar dwarf with a rainbow umbrella. There are also unlit gnomes of varying sizes, including giant ones to make a statement.

England keeps the pitch dwarf away


If you’re a football fan, FOCO’s gnomes will take pride of place on any lawn at home. If there is team rivalry in your home, there are Gnomes for just about every team you can think of.

If you want the neighbors to stay off your lawn, you’ll love the keep-off-the-pitch gnome, who looks determined with his foot on the ball and hands on his hips ready to deter any intruders.

There are also gnomes firing up the grill and even one relaxing in a dressing gown. If you want to be really fancy, they have gnome stone effect planters, complete with your team’s crest. Choose your flowers or plants to give your imp an unusual hairstyle while supporting your team.

Starburst Allium Garden Sculpture Item no

Starburst / Etsy

If the thought of a gnome drives you insane worse than any pollen allergy, you’ll love these stylish ornaments from Etsy. This starburst allium garden sculpture will add a touch of class to any garden. Really beautiful, you can mix and match your floral designs with their metallic equivalents.

You will receive the piece in its traditional steel form or starting to rust. The idea is that over time they will develop a beautiful rust patina, making each piece different. If you would prefer to get a fully rusted piece they can do that for you too and all pieces are handcrafted and not mass produced. Alliums add some art to any flower bed, and they are easier to care for than most plants and look good all year round.

Rusty Fern Leaf

Starburst / Etsy

Flowers and gnomes are not for everyone. If you prefer something more minimalist, you will love these stylish fern ornaments.

Available in a set of three, these ferns will look great in your flower beds. They come in a variety of sizes, from subtle to showy with optional fronds. Many reviewers have left enthusiastic comments about them after first seeing the designs at the Chelsea Flower Show and like the Allium they are partially rusted and will develop a unique pattern over time. The seller has more than 1,500 five-star reviews and is one of the most popular shops on Etsy, but the fact that each item is handmade and ages differently means each one is unique.

Etsy dragonfly plant support


This dragonfly design is not only pretty to look at, but also has a practical use as it doubles as a plant support. Each new summer bloom can be supported with this metal stake.

Handcrafted and designed by the seller, these steel dragonflies can be placed at a variety of angles and poses. Several buyers recommend buying several and positioning them around ponds as they look like they are flying. Add a stylish touch to your garden and help your new flowers bloom with these stunning stakes.

Not on the High Street’s Red Rose Recycled Metal Sculpture

Not on the main street

Many garden ornaments or gnomes are made from plastic, but if you want to be more eco-conscious there are many beautiful options made from recycled or recycled metal.

Not On The High Street has this eye-catching red rose made from recycled metal to add color to your garden without harming the environment. The rose is shaped and made from recycled metal, for example from car bodies. Each rose is different and they are not painted red as the color comes from the original metal. As it is recycled, scratches and nicks are to be expected, but they add personality to the piece.

Blue Whale Mankini Peace Dwarf

blue whale

If you’re looking to add some humor to your garden, there are plenty of cheeky gnomes to choose from. Who doesn’t love a gnome in a mankini and sunglasses?

There are 18+ options if you don’t have kids and aren’t easily offended, but they’re probably best for the privacy of your back garden rather than pride of place on your front door.

Measuring 15cm tall and made of resin, this is a happy gnome that will make you smile every time you see him.

BigMouth Inc. Selfie sister midget

Big mouth

In 2022, of course, a selfie pair of elves could not be missing. Girls just want to have fun with this cute and quirky design that features two Gnome BFFs posing for a photo. With perfect Insta pouts, the ornament is topped off with a sign that reads, “Let me take a selfie!” Weatherproof and durable, these gnomes will be the star of the show for backyard drinks with friends. There will never be a dull moment or a pause in conversation with these. Buyers praise it as heavy, durable and of good quality.

Starburst trail lights

Marks and Spencer

Keep the BBQ and drinks going longer after the sun goes down with these beautiful starburst trail lights. You don’t have to worry about people not finding their way when these stunning lights illuminate the path. There is also no need for an outside power supply as these lights are solar powered. A cool white color will complement any decorating theme you choose, and the set of three lights are connected by a cord. Buy more than one set to make a statement walk. Bonus points go to the brightness and attractive shine.


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