Best Bedding Sets 2022: From Luxury Brands to Quality Affordable Bedding


Creating the optimal sleeping environment for a long, restful sleep starts with the right bedding.

Once you’ve invested in a mattress with just the right firmness, a duvet for the season, and pillows that offer both comfort and support, your choice of sheets is the next thing to consider.

There are few things that quite compare to the luxurious feeling of slipping into a set of fresh, crisp linens that make all your cares and worries just melt away – but this shouldn’t be reserved for laundry day alone. With the right luxury bedding, you can experience this every night and on lazy mornings and bed days.

As a respite from the world, your bed is a sanctuary and should be treated as such by draping your bed with sumptuous fabrics, quality construction, and enviable thread counts. Also, keep an eye out for brands that excel at sustainability, whether through partnerships with the Better Cotton Initiative or donations to charities.

What does thread count mean?

Thread count refers to the vertical and horizontal threads per square inch (aka how tightly woven it is). This does not necessarily testify to the quality of the product, but gives an indication of the feel. However, as a rule of thumb, higher thread counts – 750+ – are denser, while lower thread counts can be airier and lighter. The material used is much more important when choosing bed linen.

What fabric do you want your bedding to be made of?

Cotton is the most common material, but for opulence you may prefer silk or newer fabric block, eucalyptus. Egyptian cotton is known as the best cotton variety in the world, offering a higher thread count but still maintaining its durability and breathability.

Just a word of warning, you might find it even harder to leave the bedding set selection below in the morning, so maybe opt for a backup alert just in case.

Mela Eucalyptus Silk Sheet Set


Snuggle up in the irresistibly soft Mela sheets. Made from eucalyptus, linen is ideal for hot sleepers and warm summer nights as it is naturally sweat-wicking and regulates body temperature.

The brand compares it to a cotton thread count of 1000 and sources the material from regenerative forests in Austria and the Czech Republic using a process that uses 10 times less water than cotton – so there’s a mark of sustainability too. With every purchase there is a donation to Young Minds.

It’s also Oeko-Tex certified and the fabric is so soft it should prevent hair breakage and skin wrinkles in the same way a silk pillowcase would, so you can enjoy your beauty sleep. The sheets are available in stone, pastel pink and white and the set includes a fitted sheet, a duvet cover and either one or two pillowcases depending on the size you choose.

Bedfolk Linen Package


The luxury bed linen label Bedfolk puts quality first. The brand creates its linen collections from Belgian and French flax in Guimarães, Portugal, with a muted color palette. With the ability to coordinate with any bedroom interior, the sheets have an effortless look that will also save you time on ironing. The fabric is super soft on the skin and gets even more so with wear. It’s also Oeko-Tex certified, so you can sleep comfortably knowing your sheets are free from any harmful chemicals or plastics.

The sheets are available in rust, ink, rose, moss, clay and the snow tone shown and the set includes the duvet cover and two pillows with the option to add a fitted sheet or flat sheet.

Soak & Sleep bed linen made from pure mulberry silk

Soak & Sleep

Is there anything more opulent than silk bed linen? Rest your head like royalty in the sumptuous feel of this 100% mulberry silk bedding. Although they feel extremely decadent, silk is also practical. First, the fabric is naturally thermoregulating, so you’ll feel longer on the cold side of the bed and have less friction on your hair as you toss and turn all night. You should also get better absorption of your skincare products because of the material.

Brook + Wilde Belvedere Duvet Set

Bach + Wilde

If you want to create that five-star hotel experience from the comfort of your own home, Brook + Wilde has you covered with the Belvedere set, featuring a minimalist yet oh-so-stylish navy embroidery border. The sheets have a cotton construction with a satin finish – and we can guarantee you’ll be racing home each day to cocoon yourself in the 1000-thread count. The crisp design ensures they stay fresh even after wash day, keeping them cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. The set includes a duvet cover and two pillowcases.

Tekla Fabrics double bed duvet


Tekla, the Copenhagen-based bedding brand, is best known for its luxurious towels, nightwear and linen sheets, all featuring the label’s signature Scandinavian minimalism. Stripes are a consistent motif across the collections and offer a timeless appeal.

The design is based on a long organic cotton construction. The brand is also part of the Better Cotton Initiative, which ensures it respects both the environment and the growers. The bed linen is also Oeko-Tex certified and designed to be durable and stand the test of time.

Anthropologie Birdie Quilt


If you’ve settled on a minimalist design scheme for your bedroom, you might want your linens to highlight the detail, and Anthropologie steps up the plate with their selection of eye-catching sheets. The Birdie Set includes this quilt with a mood-enhancing pattern depicting birds in flight. The cushions are sold separately.

Pure cotton sateen cuddledown bedding set


These buttery soft sheets from Cuddledown bring you one step closer to ultimate comfort. Combining cosiness and style, the bed sheets have a cotton sateen construction with a sink that is very appealing. The finish is almost shimmery which adds to the luxury element. The linen comes in subtle colors from ivory to steel, is OEKO-TEX certified and complies with the Better Cotton Initiative. The set comes complete with a duvet cover, two standard size pillowcases and your choice of a fitted sheet or flat sheet.

The White Company bedding collection with scallop edges

The white society

From the bed linen experts at The White Company comes this extremely attractive scalloped trim set that will add instant elegance to your boudoir. Detailing is minimal but effective, further enhanced by the pink detailing (although available without).

Magniberg Mother Bedding King Size Duvet Cover 240cm x 220cm


The Swedish brand takes a playful approach to dressing up your bed with a range of pastel and vibrant hues. Blossom Pink, Lemonade, Baby Blue, and Fresh Green are just a few of the colorways on offer, as well as more neutral shades like the blue option pictured.

Crafted from European linen, it’s a lightweight, breathable and airy option to welcome the warmer weather with subtle details like mother-of-pearl buttons.

Scooms king size Egyptian cotton bed linen


Complement any bedroom aesthetic with a crisp white set of Egyptian cotton bed linen from Scooms. With the quality construction, you’d think these would cost far more than the price tag would suggest and that’s due to the four yarn over and one yarn under weave design. This offers a beautifully soft texture and that luxurious satin finish. The sheets are 600 thread count to maintain their durability and an Oxford design with silky mark stitch piping.

Hampton & Astley Pink Luxury Egyptian Cotton Satin Duvet Cover and Fitted Sheet Set with Two Pillowcases

Hampton & Astley

Offering real bang for your buck, Hampton & Astley have found a way to create the most luxurious sleeping environment without costing an arm and a leg. With a thread count of 300, it has a premium feel made from Egyptian cotton yarn that offers a silky effect. It comes in three shades; pink, white and gray and with the soft design it will make it even harder for you to get out of bed in the morning.

Bedable moving in set in Cloud Gray


Wake up ready in the morning and recover after a full eight hours in supreme comfort thanks to Beddable’s luxurious linens. The brand specializes in chic home textiles with a range of textures that convey a natural feel.

The name – Cloud Gray – refers to both the shade and the material with the increased level of comfort that encourages you to drift off into a dream-like state. OEKO-Tex certified, a crisp cotton construction and a smooth skin feel, this bedding will fill you with joy every time it appears in your sheet rotation. The matte finish and relaxed look give it an effortless quality.

The set comes with a duvet, duvet cover, fitted sheet, two pillows and two pillowcases, so you’ll be ready to lie down in no time.


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