A huge swarm of bees appears in a woman’s garden as the family is afraid to leave the house

A swarm of thousands of bees fell over a Welsh garden, leaving residents stunned. The insects clung to a tree trunk outside a block of flats in Bargoed for about four hours on Sunday June 12.

Leah Dacey, 41, became aware of the crush when her mother, who lives next door, called her around 11am. Leah said: “My mum’s neighbor who lives above her rang the bell to tell her to close her doors and windows and not go outside. She said that in the morning there is a huge swarm of bees or wasps around her tree trunk. I live next door to my mom, so I walked over and I saw thousands and thousands of them there.”

It is now honey bee swarming season, which usually occurs between spring and early summer and is most common in the months of May, June and July. These swarms can form anywhere from cars to roofs, walls, floors, trees and chimneys. Although the sight of thousands of bees can frighten people, they are just looking for a new home and have no intention of attacking or stinging anyone. The swarm protects the queen bee.

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Unsure of what to do, Leah said she turned to specialists in Cardiff for advice. She said: “I called an emergency department in Cardiff and they said you have to wait 24 to 48 hours because if they don’t find a nest they go on their own anyway. We had someone due from the council [on Tuesday] come to try to get rid of them.”

Once Leah explained how the bees flew up into the sky and circled the garden at the same time. She said she had never seen anything like it. She said: “A few hours later my mum called me to look out my window and it was like a movie. The sky was black from them – it was crazy.

“I was just thinking what the hell is going on because I have no idea about wasps or bees or anything. I was wondering what attracts them to it. But the specialist said nothing could have attracted them to it, they’re just looking.” a place to nest.” You can receive more Caerphilly stories by subscribing to our WalesOnline newsletter here

The bees clung to a tree trunk in the garden

Leah said there were probably “thousands” of the bugs

Later that afternoon, Leah said the entire sponge had left the garden as if they had never been there. She said: “They’re all gone now, they all flew away on Sunday afternoon and we haven’t seen them since.”

As bizarre as the event may seem, more sightings of huge swarms of bees have been spotted in Wales in recent weeks. A huge cluster of the insects was seen on the bonnet of a van in Maesteg on Sunday afternoon. As a result, people were told to avoid the area until they left about an hour later.

In May, a car owner was also in shock when a crush in Merthyr Tydfil landed on her rear window. Beekeeper and ‘swarm eliminator’ Sue Fink recently told the Manchester Evening News what to do if you come across a swarm. Following Lynne’s advice, she said: “If you see swarms of bees attacking people in a movie, that’s not going to happen in real life.

“Because a swarm of bees has sworn to defend the queen bee that is in the middle of that swarm. They are only interested in protecting their queen. You could walk past the swarm, you could stand and watch them, or you could sit under them , and they would completely ignore you.

“Remember, worker bees are sworn to protect their queen. And if you disturb her with a stick and if the queen bee moves out, the worker bees would go berserk and they would sting you.”


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