“My neighbors are demanding to use my pool – they won’t take no”

Jun 9, 2022 1:42 p.m

The man asked the internet for advice (archive image).

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A man has spoken of his irritation after his neighbors demanded to use his swimming pool.

An anonymous man has asked for advice after his neighbors demanded he let them use the pool in his back garden.

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The man took to Reddit and explained that the house he and his wife recently moved into already had a pool.

However, just a few months after moving in, some residents of the surrounding houses began asking if they could come and use the pool, claiming that the previous owners had allowed them to do so whenever they wanted.

The man revealed that he and his wife are “private individuals” and that they didn’t want people to come into their garden whenever they wanted.

The neighbors were allowed to use the pool when the previous residents lived there (stock image)

The neighbors were allowed to use the pool when the previous residents lived there (stock image).

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He wrote: “My spouse and I bought a house with a pool in February. It’s a family home and we keep to ourselves. We have friends over occasionally and we enjoy taking people over for food, drink and of course swimming at pool parties now that the weather permits.

“We fit in the neighborhood, or so we thought, until neighbors from three nearby houses got into an odd conversation with us about their expectations of using the pool for weekend and holiday pool parties.

“Apparently the owners had children before us who were friends of the neighborhood kids. The neighborhood kids and adults used the pool if they wanted to. The gate was always open and they even had their inflatables nearby and agreed to split the payment for pool maintenance.

“We told them we’re quite private people and enjoy our privacy and don’t see us giving neighbors access to our backyard whenever they want. Every time one of us walks around outside they just keep asking and trying to sell the idea of ​​having access to it. They bid money and offer to split the maintenance fees and such.

He added: “I was trying to enjoy gardening and got cornered again. I was just really emphatically telling them that they really need to stop talking about the pool every time they see us, get up and leave.

“We politely decline over and over again and we’re really fed up with the fact that the only thing they want to contact us about is the nagging and the pool and their access to it. It’s not like we’ve created a bond or anything, all the conversations are just about the pool.

The pool was already there when the man moved in (stock image)

The pool was already there when the man moved in (archive image).

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“We had a party last night and as I was showing my friend the front yard my neighbor popped up and talked about how nice it must be to be invited to enjoy the pool. Am I wrong for not wanting the neighbors to have it? losing access to my property and seriously losing patience with their expectations?”

Many people rushed to support the man, writing: “These are some legitimate stubborn neighbors. Also, the liability of having an open gate for all to see. What if a kid walked in and drowned? , I would do the same. Much luck!”

Another added: “You’ll need to consider a lock on the gate if it doesn’t already have one and cameras near the gate and pool just in case. Maybe even a nice prohibition sign at the gate. If they think you’re out of town, they could help themselves swim, and that’s a big liability.

A third said: “They are grown adults. They can buy their own pool if they want one.”


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