Best Doormat 2022: Indoor and outdoor mats to keep your house clean and add some style to your doors

The humble doormat is one of those essential things that we don’t really pay much attention to. But it is an important addition to our homes, keeping floors clean and helping to leave mud on the door. The best floor mats are strong and durable, doing the obvious job of keeping our shoes clean.

We’ve tested a variety of doormats to bring you our curated collection of suggestions suitable for indoor, outdoor or both. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether to put your doormat inside or outside – many of us do both for extra protection from dirty feet (and paws).

Not sure where to start looking or what type of doormat to buy? Read our buying guide below. Alternatively, you can go directly to our recommendations further down the page for your ideal doormat.

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The best floor mats: at a glance

How to choose the best doormat for you

There are so many doormats on the market that it can be difficult to know where to look and what to look for in one. Of course, aesthetics play a big part in your decision – a doormat is something you’ll be looking at on a regular basis. But besides the look of a doormat, there are a few other factors to consider.

What are floor mats made of?

Floor mats are made from a variety of materials, chosen for factors such as softness or weather resistance. These are the most common types of material.

  • coconut – Coconut is made from the outer shell of coconuts, making it an excellent eco-friendly choice. It is extremely efficient at removing dirt and debris and has long been the most commonly used floor mat material. Although cheaper synthetic materials are available, coir remains popular because it is such a strong and durable material.
  • microfiber – This is the most popular synthetic floor mat material as it is extremely effective at trapping dirt and moisture. The synthetic fibers are very fine but woven over a large area. Movement (e.g. your shoes scraping the mat) creates a static charge between these fibers which helps draw mud and dirt into the mat.
  • Natural rubber – Do not be tempted to choose synthetic PVC for an outdoor mat, natural rubber is the best choice. Man-made materials can be prone to tearing in cold weather, but rubber is strong enough to survive cold and moisture. Rubber is also a heavier substance, which means a rubber floor mat won’t slide around. Look for one with a textured surface or one with open holes, as these make it easier to clean the shoes.
  • Cotton – Cotton is a natural product that is extremely absorbent and dries quickly. This works well for lightweight indoor floor mats that can absorb moisture from shoes when people enter a home. Cotton floor mats are also usually machine washable, meaning they are easy to keep clean and fresh.
  • nylon – This tough, synthetic plastic is durable and flexible, as well as being water-resistant. This means water is pushed to the surface of the mat where it can be easily wiped off. It is often used as an alternative to cotton.

What types of floor mats are there?

In short, you can find a doormat in almost any shape. Rectangular floor mats are the most popular, but semi-circles are also popular and can be useful for awkwardly shaped areas. Full circles and squares are also common, but you’ll find doormats in a variety of custom shapes, like leaves or lightning bolts – to name just two random examples.

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The best floor mats you can buy in 2022

1. Super Absorbent Magic Microfiber Doormat: Best for pet owners

Price: £9 | Buy now on Amazon

This highly absorbent cotton fiber doormat is a godsend for pet owners dealing with muddy paws. The fibers pick up fine dirt and moisture when you or your pet step on them, so you don’t have to train your four-legged friend to wipe their paws.

A non-slip rubber backing ensures this doormat stays firmly in place and it’s also machine washable. We recommend washing it frequently to keep it fresh and prevent odor build-up. You can use the mat indoors or outside in a sheltered entryway, but don’t leave it completely exposed to the elements as it can absorb an alarming amount of water.

We tested the mat at its smallest size of 75cm x 45cm, but there are four different sizes in total, going up to 140 x 90cm. You can also choose between a combination of black and gray or brown and tan. Personally, we think the black and gray color is a great neutral choice for most homes. While this might not be the most visually exciting doormat, it’s certainly extremely effective and does a great job of keeping hallways clean.

Important Details – Size (cm): 75×45, 90×60, 200×60, 140×90; Material: cotton fiber; The back: Non-slip rubber; Suitable for: Indoor/sheltered outdoor use

2. Scroll Half Moon Rubber Doormat: Best for outdoor use

Price: £5 | Buy now at Dunelm

If you’re looking for a doormat that will survive the changeable British weather, a rubber mat is the obvious choice. Strong enough to survive cold and damp, natural rubber is durable and hard-wearing.

Dunelm’s traditional patterned crescent moon doormat is also the best choice if you regularly take walks in nature, as its ridges are ideal for scraping off mud. Rubber is also extremely grippy meaning this mat won’t slide around and provides a stable entrance to your home.

Dunelm’s doormat is also a bargain at just £5. However, you cannot use this mat indoors as the rubber may stain carpets or floorboards. Keep the doormat clean by wiping it regularly to remove mud and dirt.

Important Details – Size: 75 x 45 (at widest point); Material: Non-slip natural rubber; Suitable for: Outdoor use

Buy now at Dunelm

3. Habitat Hello Doormat: Best for style on a budget

Price: £7 | Buy now from Argos

The Habitat doormat is extremely affordable at just €7, especially as it is suitable for both indoor use and sheltered outdoor areas. Made from 100% natural coir, it’s tough enough to catch dirt, debris and moisture from your shoes while still looking stylish. The mat has a durable PVC backing that keeps it firmly on the floor and prevents it from shifting. It’s not washable, but easy to keep clean with a stiff brush and a shake outdoors. Additionally, this doormat has a fun, stylized print of “Hello” in an artistic font – hopefully making visitors feel welcome when they arrive at your door.

Although slightly smaller than our other doormats at 60cm x 40cm, it would be ideal for smaller entryways or those in smaller homes that don’t want one doormat to dominate a room. Note that the mat is not suitable for use on carpets as it may discolour or damage them. You should also expect the coir fiber to shed a bit at first – this is perfectly normal and you will not notice any difference in the overall performance of the doormat.

Important Details – Size (cm): 60×40; Material: 100% coconut; The back: PVC; Suitable for: Indoor/sheltered outdoor use

Buy now from Argos

4. Likewise, Matting Recyclon Mayfair Bee Sweet Mat: Best for indoor use

Price: £20 | Buy now at Lakeland

This beautiful soft doormat is ideal for indoor use. It’s extremely comfortable underfoot, with a fluffy pile that won’t hurt your bare feet. Despite its soft appearance, the doormat is made from a super-absorbent microfiber yarn that can handle dirt well.

The Microflex backing is nice and grippy and keeps the mat stable and in place at all times. It’s also an excellent choice for those looking for eco-friendly options. The doormat is made from 20% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. In addition, the doormat does not generate any waste during production. Also, you can wash it to keep it looking fresh for longer.

Backed by a three-year Lakeland guarantee, this doormat is also suitable for use on carpet as it has a stain-free backing. There is a chance that this doormat may shed a little lint the first time you use it, so be aware. It is also not suitable for outdoor use.

Important Details – Size (cm): 75×50; Material: 100% microfiber yarn; The back: Microflex; Suitable for: Indoor use

Buy now at Lakeland

5. Vader Vision Doormat: Best Luxury Doormat

Price: £190 | Buy now at Ruggable

Looking to invest in a luxury doormat? Then look no further than Ruggable’s clever two-piece system. This rug consists of a cover and a mat, with the covers being interchangeable and washable. So you can expand your collection or change your look at any time. The cases alone cost £90 and there’s a huge range to choose from – we’ve gone with a classic Star Wars design, but there are plenty of fun and modern options too, as well as some Marvel and Disney options.

The washable cover is made with durable bristles to trap dirt and mud and uses UV-resistant colors to keep your doormat looking its best in all elements. It’s also made to order to reduce waste. The rubber base is extremely grippy and non-slip, although we should point out that it’s also quite heavy. While the covers are 55cm x 85cm, the rubber mat is larger at 60cm x 90cm. So keep in mind that you will need a large enough door to fit these. The doormat can be used indoors or outdoors on a sheltered porch.

Important Details – Size (cm): 85 x 55 (envelope), 90 x 60 (mat); Material: polyester and polyurethane; The back: natural rubber; Suitable for: Indoor/sheltered outdoor use

Buy now at Ruggable

6. Hello Sausage Doormat: Best for big houses

Price: £27 | Shop now at Red Candy

If you’re lucky enough to live in a large house, why not invest in a durable doormat that covers a considerable area? There is no way for humans or pets to leave mud on the floor once they step over this doormat.

Bombay Duck are known for their quirky and fun doormats and this adorable mat is no exception, complete with a cute dachshund in a sweater stretched down its length. Made from 100% coir with PVC backing, it’s durable, absorbent and stays in place without slipping.

It is for indoor use only and we found that initially it sheds more coir than some other mats. However, it is great at handling mud and moisture and is sure to be a talking point in any home with its fun design.

Important Details – Size (cm): 120×45; Material: 100% coconut; The back: PVC; Suitable for: Indoor use

Shop now at Red Candy

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