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After defeating Ukraine in the World Cup play-off final, Wales will join England in the 2022 World Cup tournament, taking place in Qatar on the Arabian Peninsula from 21 November to 18 December.

If you plan on supporting your national team in the Qatari capital of Doha, where the matches will be played, you should start making your World Cup travel plans sooner rather than later. Everything you need is here.

Tickets for World Cup matches

World Cup tickets can only be purchased directly from the FIFA website. They will be sold in three “phases” with the first two already having come and gone.

FIFA will open a final phase of last-minute ticket sales just before the tournament. These tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

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Ticket prices vary depending on which games you want to watch and what seats you want. Individual tickets for group stage matches can be bought from £8 to £167, while tickets for the final range from £156 to £1,223.

Alternatively, fans can follow their team across multiple games with fan tickets. Prices for these tickets range from around £500 to almost £1,500.

Flights to Qatar

You can book a flight to Qatar from a number of UK airports including London Heathrow and Gatwick, Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham.

Manchester is the closest airport to North Wales and has direct flights to Qatar’s capital, Doha. According to Skyscanner, a return economy class flight from Manchester to Qatar costs around £700.

A flight from Edinburgh comes with a similar price tag, while a flight from Birmingham costs between £800 and £1,000.

Flying from Lonon is significantly cheaper with economy flights in the £550-600 range. For this reason, the onward journey to the airport, whether by train or car, could be cheaper overall.

For persistent delays and cancellations affecting UK flights, check your trip regularly for updates as your flight date approaches.

Accommodation in Qatar

Demand for hotels in Doha has risen sharply in the run-up to the World Cup, but if you’re struggling to find accommodation for your trip there are several other options to try – including serviced apartments, dedicated cruise ships and temporary cabins or tents .

The FIFA World Cup website has its own tool that allows you to compare and book different accommodation options.

The cheapest places to stay are temporary huts in fan zones, costing around £165 per night for a double or twin room. Apartments in the city are another budget option – especially if you’re sharing with others. A night in a two bed apartment costs around £300 when booked through FIFA.

Wherever you decide to stay, remember that as a Muslim country, Qatar places strict restrictions on the sale and consumption of alcohol. However, hotels and fan zones usually have special licenses that allow them to serve alcoholic beverages to visitors.

If you’re looking to drink in Qatar, caution is advised. Drinking or being drunk in public is illegal and can result in fines and even imprisonment.

Package deals for the World Cup in Qatar

Arranging tickets, flights and accommodation can be difficult, which is why some companies offer package deals for World Cup fans.

For example, you can buy a package deal from:

  • Qatar Airways, which offers all-in-one packages that include round-trip airfare to Doha, hotel accommodation and tickets to the Games. In the UK you can buy packages flying from Gatwick, Heathrow, Edinburgh or Manchester.

Prices vary depending on the hotel option and the games you wish to watch. At the lower end, watching three later group games costs around £3,800 with a six-night stay – but the price could be higher if you opt for luxury accommodation and premium seating.

Availability of these packages is low, so you may need to be flexible with your chosen airport and accommodation.

  • world of discoveries is one of the companies that caters to fans who already have match tickets and flights, offering a package that includes accommodation, transport to matches, sightseeing and other activities. Prices start from around £3,600 per person for an 11 day trip with three group matches.

While convenient, such packages generally cost more than arranging your own flights and hotels.

Applying for a Hayya card

International fans must apply for a Hayya card before entering Qatar. It’s a digital ID card that grants you access to Qatar itself, World Cup matches and free match day travel on metro and bus routes.

It’s free to apply for a Hayya card, but you must have your World Cup tickets ready. It is also mandatory to have booked accommodation to complete the application, although you can start the process without it.

Applications can be completed online with your ticket number, a recent photograph, your passport, emergency contact information and your whereabouts. If you are staying with a friend or relative who lives in Qatar, they must confirm your visit.

Currently the map can only be accessed via a smartphone app. The digital card will be available in the app once your application has been approved.

Processing times can vary, so it’s worth applying for a Hayya card once your trip is booked.

Travel insurance for Qatar

Traveling thousands of miles to support your team is a huge commitment. As such, purchasing travel insurance is a good idea to ensure you are covered should anything go wrong.

Kevin Pratt, our insurance spokesman, said: “Package holidays to Qatar which include tickets and accommodation cost thousands of pounds so it’s important to have travel insurance in case you have to cancel your trip due to illness, bereavement or loss another major reason stopping you from going forward.”

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Travel insurance also covers any medical expenses incurred during your trip, as well as lost luggage and theft. Travel insurance policies for a two week trip to Qatar start from £22 for an individual or £88 for a group of four.

“That’s good value for money considering the amount of expense that could be risked.

“The cancellation protection takes effect as soon as you purchase the policy, regardless of how far in the future the actual trip is. So it makes sense to buy them as soon as you pay for your package.”

It is worth noting that most travel insurance policies will not pay out claims resulting from the policyholder being incapacitated by alcohol or other recreational drugs.

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