Best Shower Heads 2022 to Improve Water Pressure


With the right fixtures and finishes, you can transform any bathroom, no matter how small, into your own spa-like retreat.

Adding compact storage solutions like bathrooms and hooks, changing bath mats, and installing the right lighting can make a big difference and cost relatively little compared to ripping out and starting over.

If you like showering (and even if you’re not, it’s really the only bathing option on busy weekday mornings), arguably the most important thing to get right is the showerhead.

The number one priority is one that can deliver a powerful spray to get you on and off in minutes. Additional spray patterns, lights and ionizing beads are wonderful touches, but what matters most is the print.

We’ve rounded up the best options for all budgets. Whether you’re going for hotel-like rainfall designs or want to find options that your local fire department might keep in reserve, here are the best showerheads to buy now and turn your bathroom into spa-worthy heaven.

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Triton Chrome 5 Function Shower Head – 210mm x 110mm


Past customers rave about this shower head, which offers five spray patterns to give you the shower you deserve.

It’s super light as it’s made from ABS plastic and has a universal fitting that fits most shower hoses (and there’s no more DIY than simply screwing it on).

The rubber nozzles are wipeable, making them super easy to keep spotless, and it’s easy to switch between sprays – just slide the nozzle where you want it. Perfect for homes large and small, and for users of all ages.

Croydex Aqua Air Varone hand shower with 5 functions


Get sparkling clean faster with the Croydex hand shower, which offers a choice of five spray patterns to suit your mood. Choose between Blowing, Massaging, Saturating and Saturating Bubbles and Saturating Massage, but be warned – you may not want to go below that.

If you live in a hard water area the jets will be rubbed clean making them very easy to keep fresh. And there is even an Eco function that saves up to 50 percent of water consumption compared to similar cell phones.

Finally, Aqua Air means it produces heavier, more charged droplets for a more luxurious experience. Comes with a one year warranty.

Nosame shower head

Not equal

The water from our faucets may look clean, but they could be hiding all sorts of pollutants that nobody wants on their skin: think chlorine, pesticides, rust, heavy metals and more.

Nosame’s showerhead contains all-natural bioactive stones to cleanly filter the H20 before bathing, soften hard water and ensure only the best drops end up on your hair and skin. It is also equipped with a micro-nozzle that makes the head’s holes smaller and denser, which helps increase water pressure while saving 30 percent of water wastage.

It’s made of lightweight ABS plastic and installation is as simple as screwing it on. Whether you use the rain, massage or jet spray function, your skin and hair will feel noticeably softer afterwards.

Magichome high pressure shower head


There’s nothing worse than enduring a dripping shower first thing in the morning due to lousy water pressure. Whilst ongoing issues should be dealt with by a qualified professional, Magicchrome’s shower head can be a helpful solution.

The much larger surface area means – you guessed it – more heavenly drops raining down from above, lathering, washing and towel-wrapping you in twice the time. It uses air pressure technology to increase water pressure and offers six spray modes (spray shower, spray massage, power massage, mist + massage, mist, mist + spray) that you can operate with one hand with just one switch.

It comes with a 1.5m hose that is easy to fit, giving a welcome upgrade to your entire showering experience.

Cooke & Lewis single jet shower head with chrome and gold effect

Cooke & Lewis

For those with a keen eye on aesthetics, this white and gold shower head will make all your boujee bathroom fantasies a reality. Its looks are really what sets it apart as there is only one setting for spraying. It’s easy to keep clean and looks lovely on a hook or next to your new freestanding bath (sold separately).

IKEA VOXNAN Head shower set with diverter, chrome-plated


If the best thing about a hotel spray is the rain shower, now you can bring the experience home with one of your own.

At a price that won’t make you flinch, IKEA’s Voxnan shower unit lets you choose between the full rain experience or a stream of water from the handheld shower.

There is also a built-in washing machine to keep the water flow at the right level, saving both water and energy.

Belfry Bathroom Hiller mixer tap with adjustable shower head

Clock Tower Bathroom

Finding the right finishes for your bathroom can be difficult, but if you’re hoping to create a bathroom fit for King Midas himself, look no further than Belfry Bathroom’s polished chrome option.

The gold effect thermostatic shower set combines a rain shower head with a handheld shower head, so you can choose what you like. The slim design also features thermal protection with an automatic shut-off, which prevents the risk of scalding and increases safety in operation.


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