Best hand mixers 2022: Top electric whisks for home baking


If you’re like us, you’ll find every excuse to wolf down delicious sweet treats – whether it’s biscuits or cupcakes at a picnic, or chocolate mousse and bites at a sunny BBQ.

Would you like to try your hand at baking one of these delicacies instead of relying on the store-bought versions? Then an electric hand mixer should be on your list of kitchen essentials.

We all know that stand mixers are a beauty for the countertops, but if you want something that does the basics quickly and efficiently while taking up a lot less valuable counter space, then you can’t beat it (excuse the pun). a hand mixer.

Whether you’re investing in your first model or updating an old model, there are a few things to consider before you buy.

First check whether your selected device has all the required attachments. Whisks, dough hooks and beaters come standard on most models, but some only come with a standard pair of beaters, so it’s worth making sure your hand mixer has the features you need before you buy.

Second, look at ease of use as models vary in weight and if you spend hours preparing like a pro, a lighter model might be best. Think about storage, too – while hand mixers are already small, a compact design with handy features like retractable cords and compartments for accessories works better when you’re short on space. If you like smart kitchen helpers, there are hand mixers with integrated technology.

Finally, think about what you want from your hand mixer. Base models typically feature around four speeds, while other top-of-the-line models can have up to nine speeds when you really need a hefty power boost.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best hand mixers out there and put them to work, beating, stirring and whipping up a storm.

Dualit hand mixer in shiny chrome

Best for: cutting edge style

Prepare to fall in love with the sleek good looks of this hand blender that gave us oohs and aahs right out of the box. With 400W and four speeds, we found it easy to control at low speed and amazingly powerful at maximum setting (without any annoying vibrations).

Plus, the retractable cord and built-in plug storage keep it tangle-free and easy to store. The shiny black chrome finish is the icing on the cake of this wonderful hand mixer.

Breville HeatSoft Electric Hand Blender


Best for: clever technique

If you’ve ever baked a cake, you’ve probably experienced the jitters of waiting for that block of butter from the fridge to laboriously soften. That can feel like an eternity, which is why we’re thankful for the Breville HeatSoft hand mixer, which claims to soften butter 12 times faster than leaving it on the countertop — and while we didn’t pull out our timers to check, he certainly sped up the baking process.

The hand mixer warms butter to room temperature as it mixes, so you don’t have to hang around to get started. The 270W motor packs a punch and offers seven speed settings. The addition of a dedicated boost button rounds out this little gadget that goes a long way.

Similar to other models, this hand mixer comes with a stainless steel beater, whisk and dough hook that are easily removable and dishwasher safe.

KitchenAid cordless hand mixer

Kitchen Help

Best for: serious cooks

Available in black, red, silver and cream, this is the model to invest in if you’re looking for a singing, dancing design. Although we only come with one set of racquets, making the device less versatile than other models on the market, we were won over by the cordless aspect of the model.

The lithium-ion battery only takes two hours to a full charge – which is enough to bake 200 cookies – but if you’re short on time, a simple 10-minute charge will give the hand mixer enough power to mix a cake batter. Other features include a soft-start mode to prevent ingredients from flying out of the bowl, an LED display, seven speeds and a soft-grip handle.

Extras like the cotton storage bag and the stirrer for making smoothies and sauces are very welcome. It’s not cheap, but you get a premium model for your money.

Bosch CleverMixx hand mixer


Best for: performance without noise

Another good all-rounder, the CleverMixx has a 400W motor that’s surprisingly quiet – ideal if your kitchen is part of an open space where you don’t want to disturb others.

Don’t be fooled by the lightweight feel of this hand mixer as it has four speeds plus an additional Turbo/Pulse setting and comes with the standard beaters and dough hooks.

This model feels good in the hand, works well (no flour flies out of the bowl at all settings) and is dead quiet, even when we tested the dough hook at maximum speed.

Russell Hobbs Desire hand mixer


Best for: bargain hunter

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a hand mixer, then this is for you. With 350W and five speed settings – including a turbo function – it performs well, is easy to use and comes at an amazing price.

The choice of attachments, two plated beaters or two dough hooks, gives this hand mixer increased utility as it’s great for making batter as well as the usual sweet treats.

The design looks a bit more streamlined than some others, but we liked the matte black gloss finish and for the price you really can’t go wrong.

Smeg retro hand mixer from the 50s with 3 accessories


Best for: pretty aesthetic

Known for making kitchen gadgets that are designed to take center stage on your countertop, you may have trouble picking a color with this retro 1950s model. It’s available in seven gorgeous shades, including pastel green (shown), but once that’s decided you’re ready to do some good old baking.

Despite the dated design, this device is certainly modern as it has an LED display and comes with dough hook accessories. We found it to be lightweight and with 250W and nine speed settings it delivered a powerful mix right out of the box. Conjure up your sweet baked goods according to your wishes.

Shardor hand mixer


Best for: well designed storage

She sold us the clever, compact storage unit of this little beauty on her own. The plastic storage box fits the cord, blender and attachments to keep them organized and together.

The model has a 350W motor, five speeds and a comfortable soft grip handle that we think is among the best. Two beaters, two dough hooks and a whisk are also included, so you can use just one device to prepare all kinds of treats such as mousses, cookies, pancakes and bread dough.

Considering the affordable price, this is one of the better budget hand mixers out there, boasting a range of features that you would only expect to find on more expensive models.

Cuisinart cordless power hand mixer


Best for: wireless device

Cable clutter in the kitchen driving you insane when trying to cook? The Cuisinart Cordless Hand Blender is one of the most affordable cordless machines on the market and with just over two hours of charging, you can use it for 20 minutes continuously.

The model has five speed settings perfect for baking, pureeing and beating, and the LED screen shows the speed level as well as the remaining charge, so you’re never surprised while cooking.


The winner? It was a tough decision as all the models we selected worked well, but there were two designs that stood out for us. First the duality The blender caused quite a stir among our testers (see what we made there?) for its sleek looks, retractable cord, and the fact that the power is easy to control and ingredients don’t splatter all over the kitchen. It was a clear winner and we all felt like we’d happily pay the premium for such a sleek looking model.

However, if you are looking for a cheaper option that offers good value for your money then this is it Breville HeatSoft Electric Hand Blender The blender will make you proud, making short work of beating and beating with plenty of momentum when you need it, as well as outstanding HeatSoft technology.


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