Bolton: Vandals steal from Astley Bridge household for third time

A resident of Astley Bridge says she was at wits’ end after her car was stolen and vandals broke into her home while she slept.

Robyn Jade says vandals stole her car on Friday May 27 along with jewelry, her purse, cards and driver’s license.

This has caused her to now feel “unsafe” in her own home.

She told The Bolton News that vandals used a gun to pick the padlock on the back gate to get into the garden and removed the lock from the back door before entering her home.

Robyn said: “My neighbor knocked on my door at 3am while on the phone to police and told me my car was gone and they had seen men in balaclavas.

“My car was stolen, along with my wallet, cards and driver’s license.

“But what’s worse, the disgusting, vile rabble used something on the back gate’s padlock to get into the garden.

Locks broken when vandals broke into house while Robyn slept

“They kind of took my lock out of the back door and were in my house while we were in bed upstairs.

“To say we are absolutely disappointed, scared and so upset is an understatement.

“We’re so glad the dogs didn’t wake up and go down because who knows what would have happened.

“I’ve worked my whole life and I’ve never been in trouble, but we were targeted.”

Although Robyn says the police acted quickly, she said the police were only able to take their statement several days after the incident.

She added: “I’m not one to schedule emergency services as it must be difficult but the treatment and lack of care we experienced from them during this nightmare has been absolutely shameful, we feel so let down.”

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened to Robyn.

In April, her partner’s car was broken into twice, stealing his wallet and coat, as well as his bank cards, which he used to buy things.

She said she saw it out her window on the second break and she was “afraid for her life because she thought they might come back”.

She says the case has now been closed after it happened in April, even after stressing that she “doesn’t feel safe in her own home”.

A GMP spokesman said: “We always strive to put victim care at the heart of everything we do and we apologize to any victims of crime who feel they have not received the standard of service from GMP that they are right to.” earn.

The Bolton News: Vandals smashed locks to get into houseVandals broke locks to get into the house

“Whenever we are underperforming, it is important that this is reported so that we can take appropriate action if necessary.

“Complaints can be submitted through our website here: Thanks and Complaints | Greater Manchester Police (”

Robyn has said police gave her a leaflet for residents who had been broken into and advised them to call a locksmith and buy a doorbell.

She added: “I cannot stress enough that you need to make your home as secure as possible.

“These low lives are very clever, take part of my door so forensics can’t trace what tools were used, and come into the house while we were sleeping in bed.

“We haven’t heard anything and we have two dogs.

“We hardly slept because we thought they would come back as this is the third time.

“They were watching our house and we were being targeted.

“You think it won’t happen to you, but it definitely can happen and we don’t want anyone else to go through this, so please just secure your homes.”

Robyn has asked local residents to look out for her stolen vehicle, which is a black 5-door Vauxhall Corsa, registration MM14 HKG.

Police have recently stepped up their patrols at Astley Bridge following a spate of criminal activity.

Police step up patrol at Astley Bridge after a crime spate

Officers are patrolling in unmarked cars or in plain clothes to try to address the problem, which is centered on the Hawarden Street area.

The police are appealing to the public to report all incidents so that they can fight crime more effectively.

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