This famous historical garden is dotted with colorful spring tulips

Gardening the grounds of the monumental Norman fortress of Arundel Castle is not for the faint of heart, and a bold and inventive approach has resulted in a number of amazing gardens.

While many of the design elements can be reduced to a domestic scale on an immense scale and incorporated alongside other gardening ideas to inspire your own planting plans.

(Photo credit: Marianne majerus)

The 18th Duke and Duchess of Norfolk, Edward and Georgina Fitzalan-Howard, have revolutionized Arundel Castle’s traditionally classic English garden since 2002 (opens in new tab).

The Howards hired garden design partners Isobel and Julian Bannerman (opens in new tab)to create some fabulous eye-catchers.

Arundel Castle Gardens maze of red and white tulips

(Photo credit: Marianne Majerus)

The subtropical labyrinth garden is one of them. Formerly a large lawn, the exotic windmill palms introduced by Bannerman, Trachycarpus fortunei and the lawn now forms a grassy maze planted with more than 20,000 flame-red whorls tulip ‘Oxford’ and ‘Apeldoorn’ against sweaty, fragrant masses daffodil ‘Thalia’.

Alluding to the naturalistic planting design: “The spring onions are naturalized; Many tulips come back and survive about 3 years. The 5,000 annual plants close these gaps,” explains head gardener Martin Duncan.

Wisteria and Tulip pots in Mediterranean garden borders at Arundel Castle Gardens in Spring

(Photo credit: Marianne Majerus)

Borrowing from tropical garden ideas, Martin quadrupled the palm trees in Collector Earl’s Garden and amassed hundreds of other exotics such as giant pitchers, banana plants and echium. “Size, shape and texture are key; Color provides the final wow effect,” he explains.

Tiered Tulip Displays on the Box Parterre at Arundel Castle Gardens in Spring

(Photo credit: Marianne Majerus)

Martin gives full credit to Arundel’s spectacular spring bulb bonanza as his team of seven gardeners and volunteers planted a whopping 1.3 million bulbs in a single decade.

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