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The annual Tulsa Master Gardeners Garden Tour takes place this weekend. Experts are available at every location to answer your gardening questions.

This year’s theme is ‘Luxury Landscapes’ and there are five beautifully designed homes to inspire you.

The first home is titled “From the First House to the Eternal Home.” These homeowners have lived in this home for 47 years and have transformed their yard from trampolines and soccer goals into a beautiful landscape of sun and shade gardens. They also have a beautiful butterfly garden.

Next is a house titled “Inspired by Family… Seasons of Life.” This garden is full of perennials and has a specific seasonal area associated with each child’s birthday. Do you know what hill culture is? You will after visiting this home garden.

The third house is entitled “A Generational Garden”. Members of this family have gardening in their blood as it has been passed down for generations. It features handmade containers made by the owner’s daughter, as well as hydrangeas made by the homeowner’s grandmother. This generational garden is also full of pollinator plants.

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The fourth house has a “landscape for comfortable living”. If you’re looking for ideas on what to grow in shady locations, you’ve come to the right place. This homeowner has maintained this shaded garden space for 35 years. It contains a variety of tropical plants that move indoors each winter and there is even a fig tree brought from Greece.

And last is a landscape called “Ornamental Beauty and Intentional Gardening”. This garden features a variety of native plants, a dedicated pollinator plant area and a vegetable garden that we all wish we had. This homeowner uses timed irrigation and in-soil composting along with integrated pest control practices.

The Luxury Landscapes Garden Tour takes place on June 4th and 5th. Advance tickets can be purchased online for $10 and are available at the homes during the tour for $15. Addresses will be posted during the tour and on tickets at tulsamastergardeners.org.


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