Try this 5-minute full-body kettlebell thrusters burnout workout

It’s not such a complex concept: you can do more with less. What is certain, however, is that this will be completed at the latest kettlebell Complex leaves you searching no more.

Kareem Kano, coach for Harlem Kettlebell Club, NSCA-CPT, has choreographed a conditioning complex — defined as a sequence of exercises performed back-to-back with just one piece of apparatus, with no rest between exercises — that hits major muscle groups and the heart -Circulatory system loads system in just five minutes. As you will see when men health Fitness Editor Brett Williams, NASM-CPT, demonstrates the series in this latest episode of 5 Minutes of Hell, it’s not for the faint of heart.

For this five-round sequence, you’ll use a kettlebell and a timer set for five minutes. You’ll perform the following exercises: a kettlebell RDL to a thruster, followed by push-ups and topped off with a set of mountain climbers.

If you’re short on time, this workout leaves no doubt about the effectiveness of ultra-fast workouts that have been shown to help burn fat, speed up your metabolism, and even sharpen your cognitive abilities.

What enhances this particular routine, no muscle group is left out. The compound movements provided in the RDL to the thruster hit the entire lower body and strengthen your core and shoulders. Push-ups naturally target your shoulders, chest, and triceps, while climbers once again hit your core and also help get your heart rate up.

Some tips to master this latest workout.

Round 1 and 2:

60 seconds EMOM

●15 repeats of KB RDL on engines
●15 push-ups
●30 climbers

If you can’t find a rhythm for this complex, you can break the minute mark on round 1, and that’s okay. On the second round you should be able to find your groove, which will help you shave a few seconds off your time.

Round 3 and 4: You go to each movement for 30 seconds. Because these rounds are timed, you can better time your form, with the added focus on squeezing your core and glutes when it comes to push-ups and mountain climbers.

Round 5: This time you go all out in 30-second intervals. Shoot eight RDL thrusters, eight push-ups, and 20 mountain climbers.

When the clock hits five minutes, you should be spending big after five grueling rounds. It shouldn’t be that complicated to understand how hard you’ve just worked.

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