! Murcia Today – Homes are selling like hotcakes in the new Las Vistas Altaona property development in Murcia

Release date: 06/03/2022

The Art of Living in Spain has a low rise villa project complex, Las Vistas Altaona, which is a unique development of private, detached eco-villas at the foot of the Altaona golf resort in Murcia.

All of the villas in the first phase of the new Altaona development have already been sold off plan within a few weeks and The Art of Living in Spain is now starting further construction of low density villas in the subsequent phases and helping to create a thriving new one Creating a community around the golf course.

Homes are selling like hot cakes in the new Las Vistas Altaona property development in Murcia

Why Buy a Home in Las Vistas Altaona?

The new urbanization Las Vistas Altaona, being built in the center of Murcia, just ten minutes from Murcia capital and Corvera Airport, is designed as a family-friendly, safe place and an oasis of calm and healthy living. The resort has 24-hour security for added peace of mind and is close to El Valle golf course for additional sports and leisure activities.

Homes are selling like hot cakes in the new Las Vistas Altaona property development in Murcia

A focus on positive energy and maintaining residents’ privacy are priorities at Las Vistas Altaona. The layouts of the villas and the positioning of the houses and gardens are all geared towards this goal, with the L-shaped building design offering a practical distribution of space while providing maximum privacy from the neighbours.

All properties at Las Vistas Altaona are designed to the highest sustainability standards and are fully integrated into the natural, green surroundings. The resort features ample open spaces for exercise, yoga and meditation, as well as community gardens maintained by the community, including an herb garden, creating a truly unique living environment that focuses on well-being and an effortlessly active, healthy lifestyle.

Homes are selling like hot cakes in the new Las Vistas Altaona property development in Murcia

The entire development of Las Vistas Altaona, including the materials used, is designed according to the timeless principles of Feng Shui and optimizes the location and its small community for positive energy down to the smallest detail. For example, the power cables and lines in the bedrooms are laid in such a way that radiation is avoided.

This philosophy of healthy living and a peaceful mind is also present in Las Vistas Altaona properties. All villas have been built with the utmost respect for the natural environment and the spiritual well-being of their occupants and have been named accordingly: ‘Villa Spirit’, ‘Villa Balance’, ‘Villa Harmony’ and ‘Villa Energy’.

Homes are selling like hot cakes in the new Las Vistas Altaona property development in Murcia

The houses are unassuming so that they don’t overpower the landscape but give the impression of being in the mountains. The walls feature a partial stone facade that emits a warm, natural glow, allowing the structure to blend into its surroundings, while the flat roofs offer green vistas that make people happier than in a gray setting. Green roofs increase well-being and living in a green environment has a positive effect on social cohesion and brings people together.

Native plants have been placed on the roofs to create the feeling of a different natural space that not only looks and smells good but also repels pests such as wasps and mosquitoes. These green roofs offer many other economic, environmental and social benefits including promoting biodiversity, retaining rainwater, cleaning the air, reducing noise and regulating temperature, creating a cooler and more comfortable climate, which means you need to use less air conditioning, which in turn saves money and save energy.

Homes are selling like hot cakes in the new Las Vistas Altaona property development in Murcia

The Art Of Living in Spain uses an innovative construction method called “SISMO” which is based on custom construction panels and means that properties can be built quickly with a 50% faster execution time, are cheaper and are particularly resilient to earthquakes, fire and storms more energy efficient and insulate against sound.

Furthermore, an extensive soil investigation was carried out, which showed that the subsoil of the property is very good. Las Vistas Altaona will be built on the original subsoil and therefore will not be built on ground that has been raised with soil excavated elsewhere (which is not recommended).

Homes are selling like hot cakes in the new Las Vistas Altaona property development in Murcia

Despite this solid, original foundation combined with the SISMO construction method, which results in lower weight and pressure per m2 than traditional construction, the project uses reinforced concrete columns to avoid risk. This is the only way to ensure that the villas do not crack, that subsidence is avoided and that the stability of the construction is guaranteed for an almost unlimited period of time.

A very special common room

An exciting new community space at Altaona Golf Resort, just a short walk from the Las Vistas development, is the upcoming Parador, a meeting place within the villa complex that will serve as the town center and hub for community coming together.

Homes are selling like hot cakes in the new Las Vistas Altaona property development in Murcia

The master plan for the Parador, once completed, will include additional amenities such as a gym, spa and marketplace, all located within the plaza whilst retaining the original distinctive character. As soon as the permits are in place, construction will begin and the first sections of the Parador – piazza, restaurant, bar and outdoor terraces – will be completed by next year.

Additionally, the recent opening of the full 18-hole golf course has resulted in excellent feedback on the vision of Marco Martín and his team at Stirling & Martin Architects, who have created a challenging but fun course at Las Vistas Altaona. All Las Vistas residents have access to these incredible amenities when they buy a home in Las Vistas Altaona.

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The real estate services company Art of Living in Spain in Murcia

The Art of Living in Spain (TAOLIS) is a full service property rental, design and construction company based in the Murcia region, managed by a team of highly experienced Dutch real estate professionals.

Working exclusively for real estate agents in Murcia for over two decades, the company offer an excellent level of service to ensure homebuyers and renters receive the best possible treatment when looking to buy or rent a property in Spain.

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