Why a large kitchen island can devalue your home

It’s hard not to succumb to the allure of a kitchen island. This eye-catching feature has proven essential in the most stylish kitchens on both sides of the Atlantic, so it’s hard to believe adding one could be a mistake. But it might surprise you to learn that this is viewed less favorably in the real estate world.

Real estate agents warn that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to choosing Kitchen island ideas for your home. If your island unit in your kitchen seems too large and disproportionate, it can negatively impact the sale of your property. Here’s what the agents want you to know.

Large kitchen islands devalue your home?

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If you’re thinking about how to add value, keep in mind that large kitchen islands could actually devalue your home. However, whether this is the case often depends on the size and location of your home. “Here in Manhattan, I see the impact of oversized kitchen islands with some regularity, and the impact on a home’s desirability and value can often be negative,” he says Jan Katz (opens in new tab)a licensed associate real estate agent at Compass in New York.

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