Home and garden deals for iPhone users make your summer fun

It’s almost summer and these cool outdoor gadgets and apps will help you make the most of your time in nature. We’ve found four awesome iPhone accessories for the backyard that can add a tech flair to some classically fun outdoor pursuits.

Gadgets for home and garden

No matter how you want to look at nature—and what you want to do with that information—these offerings have fun imagery and actionable data at your fingertips.

Nothing Mini 2 color sensor

While enjoying the colors of nature on the go, this wearable color sensor gives you the ability to reproduce almost any hue you can find. Pick flowers? Connect your iPhone to the Nix Mini and scan one of them. Suddenly you can discover exactly what kind of paint you need to paint your kitchen the same rose red or sunflower yellow.

The Nix Mini 2 instantly matches scans to 100,000+ branded colors that you can browse and use on your phone for your DIY and art projects. One reviewer wrote, “We were able to detect colors in our home that we had no information about.”

Buy now: Get the Nix Mini 2 color sensor for $83.95 (usually $99).

WiFi digital microscope


While out in the garden you might find a stunning leaf or an intriguing little bug. When you do, you can pull out this portable digital microscope and take a peek at up to 1,000x magnification. Connect it to your iPhone via Wi-Fi and you get a live view of the microscopic world in 1920 x 1080p resolution. The microscope’s eight built-in LED lights ensure that you see a clear image of your object. It even has an integrated camera and video and file storage.

Buy now: Get the WiFi Digital Microscope for $55.95 (usually $69).

Bird Buddy high-tech bird feeder

Bird Buddy: Get an up-close look at your feathered friends with this high-tech bird feeder.

There’s a reason Bird Buddy is in the top 1% of all crowdfunding projects! If you’re still looking for ways to see nature up close, this high-tech bird feeder should be the next addition to your garden or patio. This adorable bird feeder is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera that allows you to take pictures and live stream all the bird visitors flying by.

Connect the Bird Buddy to your iPhone and you can receive notifications when a bird comes into view. The app even helps you identify and track all the different birds you’ve visited, even if all it records is their bird song!

Buy now: Get the high-tech Bird Buddy bird feeder (various prices).

NatureID Plant Identification Reward Plan: Lifetime Subscription

With NatureID on your iPhone, you can instantly see what type of plan it is.

Speaking of learning more about nature, download this plant identification app to your iPhone and learn all about your local plant life. NatureID even works on your houseplants and teaches you how to care for them, as was the case with an App Store user who wrote that they “kept one of my plants in direct sunlight and it died, but the identification.” let me know it does best in a cool, dry, darker area and now my plant is growing again!”

Amaze your friends with your knowledge of plants using the plant care guide, plant doctor and plant identifier. You can even keep a personal plant diary with NatureID.

Buy now: Get a lifetime subscription to the NatureID Plant Identification Bounty Plan for $19.99 (usually $59).

Prices subject to change.

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