I’m a gardening pro – don’t use salt to kill weeds in your pavers, my method does it for free

Weeds are sometimes unavoidable in the garden.

While they pop up all over the grass and hedges all over the place, the greatest visual treat is when you spot them between patio tiles or driveway cracks.


The most annoying weeds grow between concrete slabsPhoto credit: Getty

Cass Heaphy, Digital Director at Paving Direct, spoke to Express.co.uk about the best ways to remove weeds from paving.

He said you can start by manually pulling anything that should be hand solved.

“For weeds that are not easy to pull out, a weeding tool/scraper is recommended.

“You should be able to scrape between the blocks with this tool to clear the weeds.”

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If that takes too long for you, a hand torch will help quickly and efficiently.

You may have seen hacks on TikTok or Instagram that suggest using common household products like vinegar, baking soda, or salt to kill weeds.

Cass told him to resist the temptation.

He warned that salt can damage paving and soil and prevent future growth if used on other grassy areas.

“If the weeds are really stubborn, an organic herbicide is recommended.

“Once this has been applied and weed growth has been inhibited, we recommend repointing the pavers with kiln dried sand as this will fill in the voids and prevent regrowth.”

He said terraces require a similar process:

“But instead of re-grouting with kiln-dried sand, you want to use an epoxy-based grout like Pointfix for concrete and stone patios, or an exterior tile grout for porcelain patios.

“Both exterior grout and epoxy grout are water resistant, helping to deter and prevent weed regrowth in paver joints.”

If you want to tidy up your driveway without breaking the bank, Cass has some advice for you too.

He said simple steps often lead to big changes.

“A well manicured yard and driveway make a home look well presented and cared for. Buyers often believe that a neat exterior means a neat inside.

“General upkeep is good practice, and as with most things, prevention is easier than cure.

“One of the easiest things you can do to beautify your driveway, which can make a world of difference to the appearance of your home, is to simply sweep away all of the debris.

Leaving things like leaves, twigs, fruit, acorns, and bark on your driveway for too long not only looks messy, but can also mess up the sidewalk.

“You’ll need to sweep or blow your paving off every week or so.”

Another simple solution is to add natural color.

“While it’s not the most innovative solution, planting new flowers is an inexpensive but effective way to reinvigorate the borders of your driveway on a budget, so it’s a good place to start.”

“If you have lawns around your driveway or in your front yard, you might consider adding new flower beds to the edges of the lawn to add some color and contrast – this can also work well alongside a paved patio area.

“When floor space is limited, hanging flower baskets and planters are also an ideal solution,” he shared.

Not only are they difficult to pull out, but they also make the exterior of the entire house look messy


Not only are they difficult to pull out, but they also make the exterior of the entire house look messyPhoto credit: Getty

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