Check out the colorful gardens of Highgrove with Jennie Bond

The Cotswolds are home to some of the finest gardens in England. Nestled between rolling green hills and honeystone cottages, you’ll discover cottage gardens blooming with vibrant flowers and teeming with honeybees.

There are also many more formal, manicured gardens to explore. One of the best is the beautiful garden of Highgrove House, the country house of the Prince of Wales.


This very special garden is the highlight of Good Housekeeping’s four day tour of the Cotswolds with royal expert and TV star Jennie Bond.

You will witness all the work that Prince Charles put into the garden to make it as beautiful as it is today. He has surrounded his quaint cottage with fragrant wisteria, honeysuckle, jasmine and thyme and created an experimental wildflower meadow – a haven for all manner of wildlife.

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This excellent garden break offers a rare opportunity to explore Highgrove in the company of an expert and Jennie will have many fascinating stories to tell about her time as royal correspondent.

Other highlights of this wonderful four day trip include Henry VIII’s extravagant Tudor mansion, Hampton Court Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London and a stroll around the exterior of Buckingham Palace.

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Why you’ll love our Royal Garden Tour with Jennie Bond

Explore Windsor Castle

Visit Windsor Castle, the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world.

Visit Hampton Court Palace

Best known as the former home of Henry VIII, Hampton Court Palace also features a famous maze and lavish Tudor decor.

Hampton Court

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Meet Jennie Bond

You will meet Jennie Bond at Highgrove House, hear some of her fascinating stories and have the opportunity for questions and answers.

Discover Highgrove House and Gardens

Enjoy the fragrant meadow of wildflowers at this beautiful Cotswold estate, which contains a variety of endangered native plants.

Visit Westminster Abbey

Enjoy a guided tour of this Gothic masterpiece, the site of many royal coronations and burials.

Aerial view of Westminster Abbey and Big Ben

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how to book

Would you like to see the delightful gardens of Highgrove House and hear captivating royal tales from a real expert? Visit our holiday website to find out all the details about Good Housekeeping’s amazing trip and to book.


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